How to draw the clown

How to draw the clown

1. Draw a circle, divide it straight lines, the horizontal straight line has to be slightly lower than the middle of a circle, then draw an eye, a nose and an eyebrow. Then a curve designate a shadow on other party of the person in an eye and a nose, draw in this shadow of squirrels and an eye patch of light.

We draw a joker

2. Paint over a shadow, leaving white a patch of light and an eyeball, draw a chin and a cap at the clown.

We learn to draw the clown

3. Draw a contour of a mouth and a contour of teeth, then on the end of a cap draw jingles, differentiate white strips on a hat.

How to draw a joker step by step

4. Paint over an oral cavity, in addition paint over areas on a chin and near by. Draw the lower part of ears and an earring. Earrings it is drawn not completely because other part them will be painted over and there is no need it to draw.

How to draw a joker with a pencil step by step

5. On ears we draw the lines limiting white area, on bells too we draw lines. We draw a collar.

How to draw the clown with a pencil step by step

6. We look at the picture and we paint over.

We draw the clown a pencil

7. We draw hands. That it was easier to draw, you at first can draw a square, it will be palm area, then rough lines to plan location of fingers, then to trace a palm and fingers.

How to draw the clown with a pencil

8. We put the curves separating a shadow.

Lesson of drawing of a joker

9. We paint over hands. Now you know how to draw the clown (joker).

How to draw the clown