How to draw school with a pencil step by step

How to draw school with a pencil step by step

Structure each school can have a miscellaneous, at mine was a letter "P", below you can see the scheme of school the top view.

Plan of school

But we will draw it in front. For this purpose draw a middle rectangle, its length will be such, to how many the long building. Sideways add on a rectangle, however the bottom is a little lower than them, than a basis and width already. If you have a building without bends, they should not be drawn.

How to draw the building

Approximately approximately (or calculate on rulers) divide hardly noticeable lines school into three equal parts, into three floors. Who has more or less floors, that divides into the quantity.

We draw

On the center school to be the entrance door, over a door a peak, below draw a ledge — there will be steps in the following step, it has to be at the level of a bottom of lateral rectangles. Press on the image better to consider details.

We draw school

Further we draw a ladder and a support which holds a peak.

How to draw an entrance to school

Now we should draw windows, for this purpose watch the following step.

How to draw school with a pencil step by step

Let's line approximately on the middle parallel straight lines on each floor — up and a bottom of windows.

School drawing stage-by-stage lesson of drawing

Then we put a ruler vertically, it is shown by a dotted line and we direct only windows, continuous it is not necessary once again not to erase. Windows have to be identical on width, except the most extreme, they slightly already, and the distance between them too has to be identical. If see that do not fit in move apart windows which are on an entrance door.

School how to draw

In the same way we draw windows on lateral offices of the building.

How to draw school How to draw school with a pencil

We erase auxiliary lines, then draw a roof and frames in windows, you (frames) can have them others, then draw the.

How to draw school step by step

That's all, here it is so simply possible to draw school.

How to draw school