How to draw wool

How to draw wool

Materials for exercises:

1. Water color paper (or any other dense)
2. Not writing ball pen
3. Simple pencils

We plan contours tenky lines, take the handle and nachina to squeeze out a strand of wood.

Basis of drawing of hair of animals

Here the main thing to try to do strokes exactly, on wool growth. It is possible to train it is necessary long as you will not erase them any more. As you will carry out, so strands of wood and will lie.
One more cunning. Organize to yourself a slanting incident light. Then the relief will be visible and it will be visible that draw.

We erase a contour and we start shading accurately along the squeezed-out lines.

We learn to draw wool

Try to make "moustaches" sharp, confident movements.

How to draw moustaches of an animal

By means of this equipment the cat is drawn, the lesson to be here.

How to draw a cat

Author: Yelena.