How to draw fish with colored pencils

How to draw fish with colored pencils

It will be necessary for a lesson for us:

1. Sheet of dense and rough A3 paper.

2. Colored pencils, the author uses Faber castell.

3. Simple pencil

4. Klyachka (eraser)

5. It is a lot of patience.

Photo of fish whom now we should draw.

How to draw fish

Step 1.
I transfer drawing to a sheet of paper, I erase the klyachky line of construction. If on paper there is a simple pencil — not the fact that it can be blocked colored pencils, it is better to leave hardly visible silhouette.

At once I choose some pencils for the main tone of scales, an eye, fins, etc. Blue and bluish colors will prevail.

Colored pencils
Step 2. I begin work with an eye of fish. I apply with layers tone on a pupil, I leave a patch of light, I study area round an eye.

How to draw an eye of fish

In the same way I arrive and with the second eye. I begin work it is necessary a mouth of a makropod, I shade area round it. Each layer will give more saturation to this or that site. It is better "to mix" layers of pencils constantly. For example, after blue "layer" to walk greenish or violet. It will give to work more picturesque and realistic look.

We draw fish

We draw fishWe draw fish

Step 3. I continue work on the head of a small fish. Now I add brownish shades at future edges of scales.

We learn to draw fish

We learn to draw fish

It is possible to pass to a portrayal of gills. Now are added to violet and bluish shades red, red and green. Surely in advance consider where the lit places because it is rather difficult to correct colored pencils will settle down.

How to draw scales of fishHow to draw scales of fish

Step 4. Now it is possible to be engaged in a body of a makropod. I put the first layer. On a referensa this part of a small fish is rather indistinct, I did not begin to achieve just the same effect, but also did not begin to allocate strongly according to plan.

How to draw fish step by step

I put the second layer, with addition of minor flowers — okhristy, green, emerald, darkly blue. We do not forget about shadows and light.

How to draw fish color

Step 5. Fins. I trace plavnikovy "stones", it is important to give a "brilliant" look — to leave more light places and patches of light, after all they not only reflect light, but also are a little transparent.

How to draw a fin at fish

I apply tone on that part of a fin behind which there is a body of a small fish. It is necessary to try to transfer transparency of a fin.

How to draw a fin at fishHow to draw a fin at fish

Here is how it looks at this stage:

Drawing lesson colored pencils fish

Step 6. Final stage. It was necessary to draw a tail and, the lower and top fins, than we also will be engaged. Same equipment.

How to draw fish with colored pencilsHow to draw fish with colored pencils

I wanted to leave it in such look, without background portrayal. But I told myself what to study the background needs to be drawn. Therefore tried to represent a certain similarity of an aquarium with seaweed.
So, the finished work:

How to draw fish with colored pencils

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