How to draw a rose with colored pencils

How to draw a rose with colored pencils

How to draw a rose with colored pencils

1. Let's start drawing with the center of a flower. It is the simplified scheme of drawing of this difficult flower. Make some wavy lines, these are the ends of the central petals acting in the middle. Then continue to draw petals. You should not do them very precisely, as in drawing, you after all the person, but not the scanner.

How to draw a rose bud step by step

2. Draw petals at the edges of the revealed rose.

How to draw a rose bud

3. Add two more petals on the right from below and trace greens under a rose, then draw the main line passing along a flower and trace a stalk.

Rose how to draw

4. Draw lines of small stalks and leaves on them.

We learn to draw a rose

5. Draw leaves and thorns.

As it is correct to draw a rose

6. Take pink and light green pencils, lead round contours of a flower, leaves and a stalk. Then take a rubber and erase a simple pencil so that there were only color contours.

We learn to draw a rose colored pencils

7. Paint over a flower in the light pink color, and leaves light green (on a pencil strongly do not press that color was pale).

How to draw a rose with colored pencils step by step

8. Put with the same pink pencil strokes in the direction of growth of petals (in the direction of veins), only press on a pencil more strongly to give a saturation to color.

As the rose is step by step drawn

9. Put even more strokes with a pink pencil for giving of even more dark shade pink.

As it is beautiful to draw a beautiful roseWe draw a rose

10. To make a dark shade round strokes (shading by curls) on the ends of petals. To create lighter shade, take an eraser and slightly erase part of color.

How to draw a red rose

11. You have to practice and find own solutions for improvement of drawing. Experiment with a color on a separate sheet of paper as one color will be combined with another. It seems to me that the author added a little more red color at the edges of petals and from above a violet shade.

How to draw a rose for mother

12. Take a dark green pencil and start painting over. Paint over a stalk a dark red pencil, hardly touching paper.

how to draw a beautiful rose step by step

13. Darken stalks and a basis of leaves, leaving untouched streaks on them.

How step by step to draw a rose

14. Paint over molding in the dark green color.

As it is beautiful to draw a rose

15. When stop drawing leaves, take a dark red pencil and very gently and a little bit add a weak shade red on leaves.

How to learn to draw a rose colored pencils