How to draw a realistic eye of video

How to draw a realistic eye of video

Let's draw here the Jet raccoon with the weapon which is huge, honor with height about its growth.

Jet raccoon drawing lesson

Systems skeleton. At first we draw a circle where there has to be a head, we carry out the auxiliary curve middle of the head and an arrangement of eyes. We draw a neck, shoulders, a backbone, a basin, bones of hands and feet further, we show a palm and a foot triangles, we draw directing the weapon.

We draw a jet raccoon

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We plan where there have to be eyes, we draw a mouth and a nose, then ears, a nape and the head. Approximately we build a body of the Jet raccoon.

We draw a jet raccoon

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We trace the head. At first we draw eyebrows in shape, when the person angry, then eyes, a mouth, a jaw, teeth, a lip dark at a raccoon. We imitate wool.

How to draw a jet raccoon with a pencil step by step

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Over the constructed body draw clothes, body width quite wide, i.e. costs on 3/4 will turn. The bottom of trouser-legs is slightly lower than a knee, dorisovyvay a foot and a hand more correctly. Then we detail overalls, we will finish a brush and a tail at a raccoon.

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At this stage we start drawing the weapon. Address to the original since I not absolutely traced it better, drew the main details of a form, a sight and a subtrunk. I have something with a hand in an elbow not so, I reduced this area.

How to draw a jet raccoon Marvel comics

Now we put shadows. Where we apply wool with separate small lines, we paint over the rest varying color. Also body of a raccoon little pritenyay.

How to draw a jet raccoon

We take softer pencil and we do drawing more contrast and more volume. We add shadows dark on the weapon and on clothes. We imitate tone of wool also more darkly. Address to a poster for more correct display of shadows. Drawing of the Jet raccoon is ready.

How to draw a jet raccoon

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