How to draw the Prophet from Crisis 3

How to draw the Prophet from Crisis 3

Here from it we will copy, but we will place the Prophet in the middle of drawing.

How to draw the Prophet from Crisis of 3 (Crysis 3)

We draw break and the sticking-out stone under a certain corner.

We draw crisis 3

Now we will represent a pose in the simplified form. One knee rests against a stone, the Prophet squats and aims from an arbalest.

We draw crisis 3

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Now simply let's draw a body. Began the head, then a thorax, a basin, a foot.

How to draw the person with onions wood concrete

The second feet it is drawn, then the second hand and an arbalest.

How to draw Crisis 3

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Now erase lines that them it was hardly visible and we draw the Prophet's body, he in a suit, therefore forms powerful.

How to draw Crisis

We will work an arbalest in more detail, we start tracing a helmet.

How to draw the prophet from Crysis

The suit of the Prophet is designed as our body and muscles. On knees, elbows, under a breast and areas of a groin are metal protection. Footwear too the powerful.

How to draw Crisis

On a back of the Prophet the machine gun hangs. We draw a texture of branches on a stone, a tree under a bias on break further. It is possible to trace of course each twig and a leaf if you wish draw so.

How to draw Crisis with a pencil step by step

Shade completely all our objects light tone.

How to draw the Prophet with a pencil step by step

We start putting a shadow with softer pencil to give more dark color. We note highlights.

How to draw Crisis

We add more shadows and transitions of color. That it will seemed it is possible to shade still accurately an edge of a piece of paper or cotton wool on a match more smoothly that not to smear everything, and a rubber to make patches of light. At me it it is not made. Everything, the Prophet's drawing from Crysis 3 is ready.

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