How to draw a portrait with a pencil

How to draw a portrait with a pencil

For an example I took the photo of one of the most popular modern actresses — Meagen Fox.

How to draw Meagen Fox

Step 1. For a start we draw a shape of a face and head. We halve a face on a vertical and on 3 parts across. Slightly below than the top horizontal strip we draw one more strip for eyes, and under the lower strip it is drawn one more for a mouth. For eyes we mark a strip where eyes will settle down. The distance between eyes has to be approximately equal to the size of one eye. From internal corners of eyes it is drawn vertical lines down to nose level, in these points nose wings will come to an end. From the middle of eyes we draw vertical lines to the line of a mouth down. On crossing of these lines mouth corners will settle down.

Bases of creation of the person

Step 2. We draw an ear, eyebrows, eyes, a nose and a mouth. We correct a shape of the head a little. We add hair.
The ear is drawn from the level of a tip of a nose and to the highest point of an eyebrow.
Eyebrows have a curved form and utonshatsya to an outer edge.
Eyes have ideally round pupils and a raduzhka and surely have a patch of light. Eyelashes at this stage are not drawn yet.
Near by it is obligatory to eat a pole.
Corners of a mouth are always thicker and more dark, than the line between lips. When drawing teeth you should not press strongly on a pencil, it is better to designate them the thin light line that lines between teeth did not look as a shcherbinka.
Hair are drawn by smooth long lines in the direction of growth.

How to draw a portrait according to the photo

We learn to draw portraitsHow to draw the girl's portrait with a pencilHow to draw a portrait

Step 3. Shading of the person usually carry out in such order — eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, a nose, a mouth, skin (a forehead, cheeks, a chin, shoulders, etc.), ears, and then hair. Thus at first the most dark are imposed tone, then than tone is lighter, the lightest sites and an eraser are lightened patches of light.
Try not to smear strokes and if you wish them to shade, do not do it by fingers at all! As option it is possible to use wadded (ear) sticks.

How to draw a portrait step by stepHow to draw a portrait of the person with a pencilAs it is correct to draw a portrait

Step 4. As final strokes it is possible to add freckles, birthmarks, and also jewelry, for example earrings.
I hope, you gathered for yourself a lot of new of this lesson!

How to draw a portrait with a pencil

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