How to draw a portrait of the girl of the elf with a pencil step by step

How to draw a portrait of the girl of the elf with a pencil step by step

Not, not absolutely finished. The slice of the right ear a little bit remained therefore we finish it. Besides, at last we hang up on a leather strip to hair a suspension bracket (its sketch was laid out in the beginning). We do not forget about a shadow from a suspension bracket: at me in drawing the shadow "was eaten". If do not draw, gain effect of a bur: stuck. With a shadow under a suspension bracket everything will be as it is necessary. After that we pass to hands, clothes and the weapon. We refresh lines of the sketch and we start working on a dagger handle. The handle is meant braided by leather strips which we also start drawing in detail slowly. At it and the subsequent stages it is possible to work as pencils of smaller softness: from 2B to 6B. Soft pencils here already will almost not be necessary for us.

 How to draw the girl's portrait a pencil

STEP 10.
We start being engaged in clothes. At this stage we throw the main tone of "jacket" a soft pencil of type 5B-6B: they are well shaded. On the right shoulder elves we will have light: in a wall as we remember, a solid hole, and light through it it is perfectly visible. On clothes I not especially got stuck: having protonated the main fabric, I walked on it firm pencils, doing a small horizontal scar – to create texture of fabric. At the same stage we blacken from a dagger and finishing.

How to draw the elf with a pencil step by step

STEP 11.
We finish a dagger handle: 5B and 6B dorisovyvay also we pass a braid with soft pencils to the top part of an edge. On the edge we draw a pattern. As someone commented then, elves on type have more graceful weapon with a large number of details. It agrees if it is pleasant to you, you can add detalek and make the weapon more graceful.
We finish also a jacket: we trace finishing on your taste and we do not forget about a shadow from the head on the left part of the picture.

How to draw the girl of the elf with a pencil step by step

STEP 12.
We deal with the second half of a dagger. The braid is drawn by the same principle there, as on the other hand. The only thing that – I made it is lighter and am brighter, than on the right. We do the stylized patterns on a dagger to the match their colleagues from other half of drawing.

We draw the girl of the elf a pencil

STEP 13.
We reach a hand. It is convenient to draw it from top to down, having begun a portrayal with fingers and a ring and finishing with a glove. On a thumb we do not forget about a shadow from a dagger: a light source at us from above. I drew folds on a glove if it is honest, any, adhering to idea that is rather an a winding of a hand fabric, but not a full-fledged glove. However under the end I after all finished some "pugovichka" because simply the glove with folds seemed to me boring and sad.

Technology of drawing of a portrait

STEP 14.
The last stage is a pendent and a blouse. However, as we already drew them on detalka, no problems with them should arise. We hang up a pendent on a leather lace, we do not forget, by the way, about a shadow on a breast from the pendent. We finish a blouse and dorisovyvay a shadow by hand on a breast. That's all, besides at the end of you already has to heat thought that work behind.

How to draw a portrait of the girl of the elf with a pencil step by step

So, we almost at the purpose. Otsifrivayem our creation also we study it from the monitor. We reflect horizontally, we look for mistakes. In principle, they should not be if you well worked over the sketch and accurately executed drawing. Personally my drawing suits me practically in everything. However I would darken some fragments that they looked more effective, being contrast. I take 8B and HB (sharply ground) and I add single strokes where, it seems to me, they are necessary. Then I am taken place by the Squirrel-4 on hair and clothes, on a background. It is a little zasvetlyayu patches of light on jewelry that they looked more metal. I add a few textures to fog and a wall that they seemed deeper (I am taken place by a pencil 8B, adding chaotic strokes of the wrong form). Once again I otsifrivat. Yes, now, perhaps, all.

As the picture is drawn on paper, and you photograph it or scan, it is important to tighten colors to reality. Photoshop now – not a rarity, take for the rule to carry out correction of the final picture in any graphic editor that colors of the digitized version looked the most approximate to reality. So to people will be where it is simpler to estimate quality of your work.

How to draw a portrait of the girl of the elf

Of course, the picture needs the name. I remember how the heroine looks. Here very much the sketch of her clothes was useful. It is visible that she can battle dexterously therefore she will be a hunter. Fog on a background says that the elf is not afraid to gad in dark places alone. So let there will be Nuit (first, in French it is night, secondly, it is a nickname of the girlfriend.). The signature goes to the right bottom corner (by the way, it is almost imperceptible there and is not evident). That that is necessary. I append the signature and. the picture is ready!
Still a couple of words concerning the signature. It is not necessary to write on the picture with the huge letters "Vasya Pupkin". Your stylistics of drawing will tell about work much more, than the signature.

We drew an A3 format portrait, worked with different textures and have simply a good time. And this most important. Perhaps, someone will tell "Less words – cheaper the telegram". I do not argue, here a lot of things are chewed under the basis, and tutoriat is detailed in places simply to nausea (I hope, you read up to this place.). But it is made only in order that beginners could see that anything especially very daunting it is not required here, and they can quite make work is not worse at all. And masters and so know it.

Good luck to you, I hope, this tutoriat to you something helped, and you in the future will be able to please yourself with new beautiful works. Thanks for attention.

Author: Kitty Venom, demiart source