How to draw a portrait of the person with a pencil

How to draw a portrait of the person with a pencil

How to draw a portrait of the person with a pencil



I use Daler Rowney's Bristol Board 250g/m2 paper — that that on the image, only the sizes vary. It rather dense and smooth that shading on it looked softer.

Paper for drawing


Rotring pencil got to me, I do not know, he is good or is bad in comparison with others, but me arranges. I use pencils with slate pencils thickness 0.35mm (the main work on a portrait is performed by it), 0.5mm (usually I use for a portrayal of hair, not detailed because copes with it 0.35mm a pencil) and 0.7mm a pencil.

Pencils for drawing

Electric eraser.

Erases much more purely, than the usual eraser and more accurately looks. My choice fell on Derwent Electric Eraser.

Electric eraser for drawing


I use a klyachka from Faber-Castell. Very useful tool, thanks to that takes any form necessary to you. Usually I use for allocation of patches of light in eyes, lightenings of some locks of hair and an other delicate work.



Represents the stick pointed since both ends from paper of different thickness, it is usually used in those places where it is necessary to soften tone.

Sticks for shading

How to draw eyes.

Usually I start drawing a portrait from eyes because concerning it and its size I build a portrait and other parts of the face, I cannot tell that it at me ideally turns out, but I try to do with each portrait it more precisely, training an eye estimation. I note a pupil, I plan a raduzhka and I plan a form and the size of an eye.

How to draw an eye

The second step I look for the lightest place on a raduzhka to zatonirovat all raduzhka, do not press on a pencil, try to do monophonic strokes as if draw a ring which gradually extends.

How to draw an eye

By the third step I a nachin to do zateneniye, to add streaks, etc. The main thing not to be fond and not to make eyes the too dark.

How to draw an eye with a pencil

Here so approximately the finished eye looks. Do not forget that a century has a volume therefore never draw eyelashes as if they go straight from an eye.

How to learn to draw eyes

By the same way also the second eye is drawn, in passing noting lines where I will lie hair. Do not forget to press the picture that to increase it.

How to draw eyes

How to draw a portrait. We draw a face and skin.

When both eyes are drawn, it is already simpler to draw a shape of a face and to notice if somewhere there are distortions. In passing I plan hair and lines of locks on the right side of drawing.

Stage-by-stage drawing of the person

On this step I draw a nose and a mouth. Try to shade accurately, but not somehow. Watch the direction of strokes. It is possible to add gradually a shadow and half tone

Drawing of a nose pencil

On this step I finish a mouth, I dorisovyvat fine details, like patches of light on lips (if the cosmetics is used). After this stage I usually try to finish lines of the person that there were no distortions. And at the following stage I finally dorisovyvat lines of the person, I plan hair, I note places where locks and the disheveled hair will lie (and without them usually does not happen).

Portrait how to draw

Then I start tracing a shadow and half tone on a face to give it some dimensions.

How to draw a portrait with a pencil step by step

And at last I draw all the rest that is near the person (hair, clothes elements, skin of a neck and shoulders, ornament) that it is more to it not to come back.

How to draw a portrait of the person

How to draw hair with a pencil.

Drawing I begin hair with that I plan as locks where they have dark places where light where hair reflect light lay down. As a rule here it is connected 0.5mm a pencil because I in hair do not do the strong detailing. The exception is made by the single hair and the disheveled locks which are beaten out from locks.

Stage-by-stage drawing of hair

Then I shade, periodically I change force of pressing and a tilt angle that hair looked more various. When drawing hair do not do movements by a pencil "backwards-forward", shade only in one direction, we will allow from top to down, so there are less than chances that hair will strongly differ in tone and strongly to be allocated against the others. Sometimes change a tilt angle because hair not to lie so exactly.

Stage-by-stage drawing of hair

When light parts of hair it is finished, can add more dark hair, but do not forget to leave sometimes between them small spaces, so hair will not look monophonic weight and you will be able to allocate separate locks which lie under other locks, or on the contrary, over them. And so continuing, at you most likely it will turn out to draw hair, without spending thus too many efforts and time. To lighten some hair use a klyachka, somnuv it that it was rather flat, thin for allocation of hair.

We draw hair

How to draw hairHow to draw hair with a pencil step by step

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