How to draw a parrot with colored pencils

How to draw a parrot with colored pencils

Here finally will have to such drawing will turn out here.

How to draw a parrot with colored pencils

For a start we do a sketch, it is desirable to scan at once it — as it is possible to find the mass of shortcomings at an initial stage.

How to draw a parrot with a pencil step by step

We start drawing with an eye, we use colors: light green, dark green, lemon, black. Forget He about a patch of light on an eye, it will become more expressive at once! If there is no white pencil, I leave at once not painted over that site.

How to draw the head of a parrot

We trace a beak and the head further. Colors — dark green, blue, black, yellow will be necessary for us for a beak.
At first we put dark green, yellow and blue colors, and then already on them it is laid black, we do not forget to leave patches of light (they need to be planned at once).

how to draw a beak of a bird

White sites here I left not painted over, then on them from above we lay other colors (green, black, brown), but we do not press on a pencil that they were not strongly expressed.

How to draw a parrot Ara

Now it is gradually passed to the head and we strengthen color on a beak. It is necessary for us for the head: light green, dark green, yellow, orange, blue, blue, black. As well as on a beak at first we lay lighter colors and gradually we increase them. On a breast the parrot has a dark stain, do this spot at first dark green, and then from above black. A shadow under a beak it is done by a black pencil, but absolutely on it we do not press, and slightly we concern a surface.

How to draw parrots

Now we begin a wing, colors remain the same as for the head. Color is laid from light to the dark. Here that at us already it turned out.

How to draw a wing of a parrot

How to draw a parrot step by step

We continue to draw wings. We pass to the second wing. At first we take yellow, and without pressing on it we lay the first layer, then it is possible the same pencil, but already a little more strongly to add color.

How to draw a wing with colored pencils

We add orange, dark green, black, brown to shadows.

How to draw a wing of a parrot

It is a little about feathers, at first we halve a feather, but in core we do not one line, but two nearby, not too far apart (1 mm). Now we draw in the yellow color, but from each party separately. Strokes it is done from top to down, obliquely, then we take dark green or even marsh color and we darken in the same way. Then we allocate to the black core and edges, by places doing slightly more darkly, as folds.

How to draw feathers of a bird with colored pencils

Dealt with wings, now we begin a breast. As usual we begin with the light — it at us yellow color.

How to draw a parrot of macaw

But color of a breast not odnotonenny therefore at once the first layer is done not uniform, that is with different pressing of a pencil, somewhere is lighter, somewhere is more dark. We add orange, brown, black, dark green. On breasts feathers are visible not strongly therefore we do a delicate hint, darkening them. Then we lay a background in the green color and at once we designate foliage, we draw at first light tones, and then we darken.

how to draw a parrot

Here that at us already is.

How to draw a parrot step by step

Here also reached pads, it is necessary for us brown, gray, dark green and black colors. We draw at first gray, then we darken brown and dark green, and then we trace the black.

How to draw paws of a bird

We start drawing a tree branch. We take everything tone brown which you have plus black and marsh, we do light brown long (centimeter on 1-2) strokes, but not equal as though the hand on top dark tones shivers, by places we do spots of marsh color, and at the end we draw black cracks.

How to draw a tree trunk with colored pencils

Do not forget a shadow from a pad, we do it black without pressing. We complete a background, it is possible at desire to add or on the contrary to clean leaves.

How to draw a tree branch

And at last result of our works.

How to draw a parrot
I hope that my lesson, will be useful to you, I wish all to derive pleasure from drawing!!

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