How to draw a parrot Ara

How to draw a parrot Ara

Let's start drawing with simple forms. At first we draw the line of a branch approximately at the level 30gradusov, then we find the top point of the head, for this purpose it is possible to measure a pencil distance from it to a branch. Further we draw an oval - a shape of the head and a shape of a body. The body, as you can see, is a little inclined.

We draw

We draw the head, I a small hyphen noted the middle of the head for your convenience. From its end the middle of a beak also begins, we draw a beak, nostrils from two parties, an eye.

We draw a parrot

Draw a body and paws of a parrot, and also the part covered.

How to draw a parrot with a pencil step by step for beginners

We continue to draw this wing, we show a layer of feathers. Now finish the second wing, the lower part of a parrot, imitating feathers separate curves close to each other. After that we draw in detail curvature of a branch of a tree.

How to draw a parrot of macaw with a pencil step by step

We draw a tail, dorisovyvay feathers on two wings.

How to draw a parrot

On feathers we draw a trunk (a structure of a feather of a bird and its drawing look here), on the head we do border of transition of flowers, near an eye we draw a peculiar pattern.

How to draw a parrot Ara step by step

Now it is possible to add a few shadings. Drawing of a parrot Ara is ready.

How to draw a parrot Ara

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