How to draw Trixie's pony

How to draw Trixie's pony


We draw a circle and directing, then a head contour, a nose, an ear, a horn.

How to draw a pony

We draw eyelashes, a contour of eyes, eyebrows, teeth, a nostril.

We draw Trixie's head

Draw pupils with a patch of light, a raduzhka, a bang and curves on a horn.

We draw Trixie's head

At first draw a breast at Trixie, then a foot, a back and a cape.

How to draw the magician's pony

Then hind leg, collar and hair.

How to draw Trixie with a pony May litl a pony

Other feet, brooch or hairpin on a breast.

How to draw Trixie's pony with a pencil step by step

We erase all unnecessary lines, it is possible to draw still asterisks on a raincoat and Trixie's pony it is ready.

How to draw Trixie's pony

You can look at drawing the princess Selestiya, the princess the Moon, and also it is possible a dog, a puppy, a horse.