How to draw a polar bear with a pencil step by step

How to draw a polar bear with a pencil step by step

On the picture it is possible to look at the main characteristics below.

How to draw a bear

Color of wool at it varies from white to yellow, especially in the summer wool to become yellow color, skin at a northern bear black. Bears between fingers have a membrane, soles all in wool therefore it does not slide on ice and the cold does not reach feet. The polar bear bites to death the production, unlike other bears who kill it with a paw.
Now look at a skeleton of a polar bear. It goes not as the majority of animals on socks, and on a foot, as the person. Shoulders are put quite low.

Skeleton of a polar bear

And now let's draw it. At first we draw a muzzle with a nose, then frontal part, then a neck and a forepaw. After that we draw a back, pay attention that the back at a bear has a roundish form and to be higher than a level of the head and a back. Then we draw a hind leg and a stomach. Then forward foot, tail and hind leg. Then we draw claws on fingers.


 Author of the drawing Sheri Amsel

Below you can see a muzzle of a polar bear the front view and a side view.

How to draw a polar bearhow to draw a bear