How to draw the stout woman

How to draw the stout woman

How to draw the stout woman

As usual, we at first build a skeleton, but before that it is necessary to draw a wall behind, the plane to understand how it in space, prospect. I do not know how you got used to draw the head, it is possible simply an oval with directing, it is possible a circle, then to draw a line the middle of the head, to note where there will be a chin, to draw a line of eyes, a shape of a face and an arrangement of an ear. Then we try to transmit a pose in which there is a girl through lines. One hand rests against a wall, another is simply leaned against a wall, the case of a body is inclined.

How to draw the person

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Now simple forms we show the woman's body.

We draw the person

Let's draw at first the person as it is located concerning a body and what size. Stout persons have cheeks, as at children and kids, therefore a shape of a face more roundish. If you are not able to draw an eye, a lip, you should be trained it to do separately. Many lessons of different variations can be found in the section "How to draw people ". A forehead at the girl the quite high. Then we will outline part of hair and a neck.

How to draw a face of the stout woman

Thin people have a fatty layer very small, and at full a fatty layer it is especially visible on a stomach, hips, breasts become more, feet and hands are thicker. Therefore at an inclination of a trunk there is here such fold. The previous lines it is done slightly visible, it can achieve an eraser (rubber). We do a sketch of lines of a body, in a consequence you can change them to transfer more truly forms.

How to draw the stout woman to the utmost

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We draw shoulders and hands, then a bathing suit and hair. We achieve correctness of forms, often looking at the original, constantly we correct inaccuracies, we compare proportions. Where the elastic band presses, in this part the body is a little compressed, and that is a little stuck out above. Do not forget about it.

How to draw the stout woman with a pencil step by step

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We erase all unnecessary lines, again we verify with the original, we correct if, what not and it is possible to put a few shadows for giving of volume and drawing of the stout woman is ready.

How to draw the stout woman

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