How to draw a field flower

How to draw a field flower

Let's take as a basis this photo.

How to draw a field flower

Draw a cup and part of a small stalk. Then draw petals, convenient for you, I drew four at identical distance, add to these petals other petals, and to these even more. It is not obligatory to copy completely a photo, simply make many petals. Further sideways on the right draw a ladybug form.

How to draw a field flower with a pencil step by step

Draw legs, short moustaches and spots on a body at a ladybug, shade a little body, leaving a patch of light. Also we need to pritenit a flower. A small stalk and in the bottom of a cup a shadow dark, then it passes in light and at edges again darkens. At the basis of petals too a dark shadow, we shade with lines in the direction of growth of petals.

How to draw a field flower

Let's make drawing of wild flowers, for this purpose we will prolong a small stalk, we will draw a grass and still a set same field a flower, it is only not necessary to draw in detail so them, it is enough to draw silhouettes and tone make is lighter as they are further ours which is located in the foreground. That's all, drawing of wild flowers a pencil is ready.

How to draw wild flowers

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