How to draw a snowdrop with colored pencils

How to draw a snowdrop with colored pencils

How to draw a snowdrop with colored pencils

Such colored pencils were used here.

Colored pencils

At first easy lines without specification and specifications outlined a floret a simple pencil and approximately arranged on it water droplets. The sketch should be made it is very thin, without pressing that it was only visible most.

How to draw a snowdrop

Drew with a yellow and green pencil a stalk and chashelistik, bypassing water droplets. Strokes should be done not strongly pressing, it is better to strengthen then in a shadow. Better to represent a picture, started tracing a background. It will be indistinct, not sharp because the main attention has to be drawn to the flower. Flowers round a snowdrop of yellow and white color, for the yellow chose pencils which are shown in the photo below. We will add to core a little orange and ochre.

We draw colored pencils

Tried to make transitions smooth, put strokes easily and in different directions.

 How to draw colored pencils

Strengthened a shadow in a core a little.

We learn to draw colored pencils

Now, when the drawing composition became already more clear, started drawing water drops on green part of a flower.

Snowdrop drawing lesson

Drew drops the same green and yellow pencils of different shades. Where already painted over dark, a podterl a keen edge of a rigid elastic band for a patch of light. But it is better to leave white paper at once because not all elastic bands erase well colored pencils. Some can simply smear a pencil. Therefore it is better not to do then absolutely a patch of light, to strengthen simply a little a shadow and to draw only a drop.

Snowdrop how to draw

Lesson of drawing of flowers colored pencils

At a snowdrop short petals of a greenish shade. Let's trace it and we will designate reflection of a yellow and white flower on drops below.

How to draw a snowdrop

Petal which is in a shadow, at first painted over in the yellow color, then pritemnit in more dark color. Gradually dorisovyvala and background.

How to draw a snowdrop step by step

Drew drops on a flower and on a stalk, without forgetting about a background.

How to draw a snowdrop with a pencil

For a background used different shades blue, green, yellow, orange pencils.

How to draw a snowdrop with a pencil step by step

Well here, it was necessary only to finish a background and a stalk of a snowdrop. The stalk was traced at first a light green pencil, then by a shadow more dark, a little orange and black.

How to draw a snowdrop with colored pencils


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