How to draw a landscape with a pencil for beginners

How to draw a landscape with a pencil for beginners

Sketch of a landscape
The table in which according to numbers are shown different tone when shading is given below.

tone at a shtrikhovaniye
Look, as what option of shading we will draw. In each point in skobochka number will be specified, what tone to use.

Landscape how to draw a pencil
Use different softness pencils to create a certain tone to create strong contrast. The author begins with causing light tones (1) at the sky and water with a pencil 2H.pery stage in drawing of a landscape
We do diagonal strokes of the top part of the sky (2), we do a bottom of these lines is lighter by weakening of pressing a pencil 2H. We do horizontal shading in the foreground of water (2), creates illusion of ripples. Do not forget to remove the horizontal line of the horizon in the island before starting shading. how to draw water a pencil
Shade the most distant mountain (coast) (3) which is in the distance NV pencil (poorly press on a pencil). At the island (in which we had to erase the line) we do shadows by pencils of HB and 2B, and it in the foreground we shade small part 2B and 4B. Light tone (4) islands are executed by NV pencil. Do not hurry. If you start being tired or will feel disappointment, make a break. When you come back to a lesson, you look with a fresh pair of eyes and will be able to correct with what were dissatisfied.

We draw the island
Pencil of NV we draw reflection of the island in water (5). Tone the island at this stage is used more darkly, than. Do lines of shading horizontal, but not at an angle. Perhaps it will be easier for you to add lines of shading having turned drawing (sheet) sideways. We paint over the earth in the foreground (7), strokes it is done 2B by a pencil. The author writes that now this style of sketches her favourite. However, you the unique personality with own preferences. I.e. you need to experiment different technicians in drawing, will not find yet style which most of all suits you!We draw coast

Use a pencil 4B to draw some flourishes in the foreground. These lines will imitate small bushes and foliage. We draw a trunk.

we draw a palm tree trunk
We add strokes a pencil 2B along the lower part of the island (6). In the top part of the island light areas, lower more darkly. The author left a tiny horizontal strip of light where the earth meets water. Besides, it used the ground NV pencil to draw some small trees and bushes on the island. We draw branches at a palm tree 2B a pencil.

how to draw a palm tree
Use the ground NV and 2B pencils to draw small branches on the top part of a palm tree. Branches which are in the foreground much more darkly, than what are farther.

How to draw a palm tree
Depart from drawing and look at shading. Perhaps you should make some zones is lighter or is more dark. To make is more dark, simply add additional lines between other lines of shading. To make is lighter, take a soft elastic band and carefully walk. Sign the name, write date and postpone drawing with a smile.

How to draw a landscape with a pencil for beginners
Be not afraid to use different methods of shading. You should not draw as to you not to be pleasant, there can be problems subsequently, it is necessary to look for new methods. If you made even very awful drawing, can repeat approach again! Keep in mind, the more you practice drawing of sketches, the quicker and better at you it will begin to turn out. In good day you will be able to draw some different and remarkable sketches within an hour!
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