How to draw the guy with a pencil step by step

How to draw the guy with a pencil step by step

Leon from Violetta

1. Very thin lines draw a circle, in mind present directing, can not draw them as the head very small and it will give dirt. Eyes are slightly below than the middle of a circle. The pencil has to be very ground that you could draw such fine details. There is a portrait basis lesson in a fullface where it is visually shown that distance between eyes equally to length of an eye and wings of a nose should not overstep the bounds of the straight lines lowered down from edges of an eye (from the third century). But so the person very small, we everything have to present it only visually and draw as on the picture.

We draw eyes and the guy's nose

2. We draw a face form, hair, ears and lips at Leon.

How to draw guys

3. Now we need to draw the guy's body. That there were correct proportions measure length from a forehead on a chin and down we postpone 8 of these distances. Then we draw a skeleton, then schematically we draw a figure, clothes and we erase a skeleton that further it did not disturb us.

How to draw the guy's body

4. Since all of us drew scales correctly, we should not think of it any more and simply we will start tracing. The first business we draw a shirt form.

How to draw a shirt on a body

Then hands and folds on a shirt.

How to draw a shirt

Jeans and sneakers.

How to draw jeans

Characteristic folds on jeans and a few additional lines on sneakers.

How to draw jeans

5. Here such young man has to turn out, we compare drawings, we correct inaccuracies.

How to draw the guy with a pencil step by step

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