As it is easy to draw a lovely panda

As it is easy to draw a lovely panda

We draw an oval — it will be the head of a panda, further inside — two small ovals at a small angle at each other, it will be black spots about eyes.

We draw a panda

In these two ovals draw eyes, then a small nose and a mouth. We paint over dark sites of eyes and we draw ears and a body.

How to draw a panda to the child

Now draw a chin, handles and legs, paint over them. That's all, panda drawing for children is ready. It is possible to go further and to make drawing even more beautiful in the following step.

How to draw a panda for children

We do a muzzle fluffy, for this purpose it is necessary to erase our contour of the head and on it to draw wool with separate curves, as on the picture. To add strands of wood on a stomach. The mouth can be slightly opened a little bit having added from below muzzles a small dark site.

How to draw a lovely panda

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