How to draw an ork with a pencil step by step

How to draw an ork with a pencil step by step

How to draw an ork with a pencil step by step
Step 1. We draw a head basis, we draw the straight lines specifying an arrangement of eyes and the middle of the head, below we draw the line from a chin, then we draw a shape of eyebrows and a nose.

We draw an ork
Step 2. We trace an eye on the left side (actually it is the right eye, who does not know it), then a hillock on a nose, a mouth and canines.

We draw the head of an ork
Step 3. We draw the lower teeth and a chin at an ork.

How to draw canines
Step 4. We draw an eye on the right side, we put an arrangement of pupils, a roll on a forehead and a hollow near by.

We draw eyes of an ork
Step 5. We direct a nape contour, we draw ears.

We draw ears of an ork
Step 6. We draw teeth on the top jaw, wrinkles sideways of eyes.

How to draw a muzzle of an ork
Step 7. We begin it is put dark contours.

We trace linesWe draw a terrible muzzle
Step 8. We shade area of the person on the right side at an ork, canines and a jaw.

How to draw an ork
Step 9. We shade an ear, area of the person on the left side, the sky of the top part of a mouth and an oral cavity, and also a chin bottom.

We learn to draw an ork
Step 10. We do area on the right side of dark, we do shading of a canine, as on the picture.
How to draw teeth
We take an eraser and we do patches of light on a canine, then we paint over all area of a mouth dark tone, we muddle a canine a little at the left, we do a shadow on teeth.

How to draw teeth and canines
Also we pass to the following step in the second part of a lesson.