How to draw orchids step by step with colored pencils

How to draw orchids step by step with colored pencils

At us such drawing of orchids has to turn out here. all images have the big size therefore to increase press the picture.

How to draw orchids with color karandshaThis photo from which we will draw orchids.

Orchids how to draw

Step 1. Draw the sketch of flowers, the author draws approximately, however for observance of proportions recommends to use a grid as we did it in lessons of drawing of a horse, a cow, girls.

How to draw an orchid

Step 2. Attentively we look on referens and we choose the necessary colors. The scale in this case varies from reddish pink to cold blue shades.

Colored pencils when drawing flowers

If there are difficulties with selection of flowers, it is possible to use a simple method. By means of the standard filter (Filter> of Artistic> Cutout) in a photoshop we receive the following picture:

Orchids use of flowers

I began work with the top petal of a near flower to us. I leave places where at my discretion there will be droplets and I start causing with easy shading the main tone. Do not try to make a leaf of one color — use harmoniously combined colors together.

How to draw a flower petal

I condense tone of a leaf, I draw streaks in more dark color, than a leaf. I draw droplets the same pencils, as a petal. A little later I will dwell upon it.

How to draw a drop on a flower
How to draw a drop on a flowerStep 3. I pass to other leaves. It is necessary to consider features of lighting and at once to leave the lightest places. It is very difficult to correct colored pencils. Until I finish drawing of one leaf up to the end, I will not pass to another. Perhaps, it is not absolutely correct, as they say "draw an ear — look at a heel", but everyone solves, what to use equipment.

stage-by-stage drawing of a flowerstage-by-stage drawing of a flowerTechnology of drawing by colored pencils of flowersOrchid drawing by a pencil

Step 4. I draw "a pestle - stamens" — at orchids it appears the lip is called. For it already I use crimson and claret tone. Closer to the middle of a flower — yellowish and pink. It is also necessary to draw specks both on petals, and on a lip.

How to draw a beautiful flower

Step 5. We begin work on the top flower. The principle — the same. The petal is farther — the more cold shades need to be used at its portrayal, it gives feeling of planned character.

how to draw an orchid step by step

Let's in more detail consider drawing of a separate petal.
We cause the main tone, we leave places for droplets.

How to draw a petal

We add more shades, we draw streaks in the right places. Do not forget to press drawings in more detail to consider details.

How to draw a petal

Now the shadow — a leaf is a little bent therefore the most dark places will be a shadow under a bend at edge of a petal and is closer to the middle of a flower.

How to draw a petal

The finishing — we do a shadow even more darkly, but we do not block the main tone completely. To edges we cause pink colors which will create effect of lighting.

How to draw a petal with a drop

So, droplets. The lightest place on a drop — a patch of light — has to be in that place, from where actually and light falls. Under a patch of light there will be the most dark place on a drop, further as on a gradient — is lighter. I did not use any referens for their drawing, but this picture can clear business:

Drops on flower petalsAt first we put toning, as well as when drawing petals.

how to draw dewFurther we take a pencil more darkly, we designate it the main visible tone.

How to draw a dew dropFurther — is more dark. We do not forget to leave light patches of light and reflexes on a drop.

How to draw a water dropWell and touch-up — a shadow under a drop. In order that it looked" more interestingly" I give it still big transparency — simply I draw to a petal streak on which it lies.

How to draw dew on a flowerOther droplets — the same principle. We do not forget about a uniform source of lighting. It is better to be trained at first to draw drops separately, with different light sources, a tonality, patches of light and all the rest.
At us the following picture turns out:

How to draw dew on leafletsStep 6. We safely finished with these a petal and we pass to others.

How to draw orchids with a pencil step by stepWe will try to make the lower flower "not in focus", more indistinct than all others therefore you should not study it carefully.

how to draw orchid flowersHow to draw orchids step by stepWell and couple of photos under another aspect.

Orchids drawing lessonOrchids drawing lesson

Step 7. It was necessary to draw a branch and not revealed buds and the orchid is ready.

How to draw an orchid budHow to draw an orchid

Step 8. I decided to make a background more contrast, than in the photo. It was given me most difficultly — it was necessary to do 2-3 layers of shading on such extensive surface. You can make it any, such as on a referensa, or not to do in general.

Drawing of a background in a pictureHow to draw orchidsLesson of drawing of orchidsOrchids drawing lesson colored pencils
Here ready work of a lesson how to draw orchids.

how to draw orchidshow to draw orchids

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