How to draw a deer

How to draw a deer

At first draw a line of a forehead and nose, then we round off and we draw the lower part of the head. Further we will have a nose and an eye in the form of a circle.

How to draw a deer for children

Draw an ear and a horn at a deer, then slightly more to the left we repeat a horn form (we draw the second horn) and are slightly more left a shape of an ear (we draw the second ear). Further we draw a mouth and a neck.

How to draw the head of a deer

Draw a body of a deer, it something like a rectangle with the rounded-off corners.

How to draw a deer to the child

We draw a forward and hind leg. The forward foot direct, is a bit more to the right from edge of a bottom. One part of a hind leg is drawn as an arch, and the second part on the right — from above a small bend, and then directly.

How to draw a deer step by step

Now draw the second lobby and the second back feet by the same principle, they it is slightly less previous since are further from us slightly because of prospect.

How to draw a deer with a pencil step by step

Paint over hooves, finish on the right side above hoofs shoots which stick out (are marked with a red strelochka), then additional characteristic lines on a body (it from joints of feet, too are marked red) and a stomach. And also a knee on forward feet.

How to draw a deer

We erase unnecessary lines and dorisovyvay a tail. Drawing of a deer is ready, I hope it was not difficult.

How to draw a deer

As soon New year, we can draw on the head a cap with a bubo and a scarf on a neck.

How to draw a New Year's deer

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How to draw a reindeer with a pencil

And how to draw a spotty deer.

How to draw a deer with a pencil step by step

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