How to draw a firedrake

How to draw a firedrake

How to draw a firedrake

1. Look at the image of a flame or bright light source, on it it is shown gradation of shadows. Under figure 1 it is designated the center of a flame, the brightest point, on figures 2 and 3 — external rings, 4 — a background luminescence, 5 - a background. Everything that it is necessary to make there, it only to create a gradient from light to the dark.

Gradation of flowers flame

2. Now we will talk about importance of contrast. You can notice that the background goes from white to the almost black. Notice that than the background is more dark, a flame to be put by that more brightly.


3. Pick up to yourself simple pencils. I chose 2H for easy shading, HB for the sketch and a zateneniye, B for dark lines and shadows and 5B,7B for dark shading. Other important point that there was a klyachka, it very much to be useful to us.

4. To draw the sketch of a dragon use a pencil of NV and begin with a circle (a head basis) and a neck, then pass to a gradual portrayal.

Sketch of a muzzle of a dragon

5. Draw a flame form because of a mouth of a dragon and from below, these lines have to be light, hardly visible.

Sketch of a muzzle of a dragon

6. Now we will impose shadows which will be a luminescence.

Sketch of a muzzle of a dragon

7. Use softer pencil, for example In to create a background.

We shade

8. Shade.

We shade

9. Impose shadows on a dragon NV pencil.

We shade a dragonWe shade a dragon

10. We shade the most dark part of a background 5B a pencil.

We shade a background

11. Now pass to a dragon, make area of a neck of more dark to create contrast between a dragon and a flame.

how to draw the head of a dragon

12. We shade the head of a dragon, look as a zateneniye to become is lighter to a mouth, a light source, it is also displayed in a luminescence of an eye and nostril. Use different softness pencils of HB, B, 2B.

How to draw a dragon with a pencil step by step

13. Shade bright part a flame from the external.

How to draw a fiery dragon

14. Now take an eraser, it is best of all a klyachka and make strips by it. If you want, chtobplamya looked is more indistinct, do shading.

How to draw a dragon

15. On your discretion add still zateneniye and light sites.

How to draw a firedrake with a pencil step by step

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