How to draw clothes with a pencil step by step

How to draw clothes with a pencil step by step

Form of points — a frame we are it is very various. Here, for example, three classical a look, we will draw, which on the middle.

How to draw points

We draw a long rectangle, we halve it on a vertical, nearby at small distance still we draw straight lines.

We draw

We draw the top part of points further, it is bent, on the middle the line is below the party of a rectangle, goes slightly above further. Also draw an arch of nasal part.

We draw points

For convenience plan hyphens the lower form of points.

How to draw points with a pencil step by step

Now you will be able smoothly to draw a curve, also after sides from above allocate a space. Then erase all auxiliary lines.

How to draw points with a pencil

We draw a form of lenses.

How to draw points step by step

Draw handles of points (if to prolong still up to the end sideways, to turn out the rear view of points).

How to draw sunglasses

That the front view turned out, we need to erase all unnecessary lines and to paint over. Lenses too pritemnyay slightly, and handles who are behind lenses it is done not such dark, as what we see directly.

How to draw points

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