How to draw the ballerina

How to draw the ballerina

How to draw the ballerina

1. Let's draw at first the person, for this purpose draw very wafer-thin lines a circle, then determine the direction of the person by straight lines. As you could notice the head of us will be very small therefore a pencil especially do not draw in detail an eye, do sketches of a nose, eyebrows, can draw other mouth. Can simplify very much a face, as in a lesson of drawing of the girl in a dress. The face contour should be traced correctly.

We learn to draw the ballerina

2. Important part is drawing of a skeleton, it is necessary to draw approximately it and to show the main joints. Then we will gradually trace a body. At first we will draw hands, on the following picture the increased result. We will not draw fingers, only a brush silhouette.

How to learn to draw the ballerinaAs it is correct to draw the ballerina

3. We draw a thorax, a topic and a skirt at the ballerina.

How to draw the ballerina step by step

4. We draw feet, now we can erase all skeleton.

How to draw the ballerina with a pencil step by step

5. We draw flats, still lines on a skirt and characteristic lines, where a throat.

How to draw the ballerina how to draw the ballerina a pencil step by step

6. If see that something is impossible to you, this place can be closed any subject, a thing or hair. In this case, something was not pleasant to me in hands and I drew bracelets, then the breast was very plainly, I drew some lines to emphasize it, and also drew in addition some folds on a topic, painted over hair. Here approximately such result at you has to it will turn out. I specially did not focus attention since will start pottering long with them on fingers, will get into a fuss and will stop drawing.

How to draw the ballerina with a pencil