How to draw socks, a New Year's, Christmas sock

How to draw socks, a New Year's, Christmas sock

Here our real copy. To our Russian Father Frost socks not as are not connected, and it came with the USA where Saint Nikolay (Santa Claus) on the night of Christmas carries all gifts and through a flue goes down that to put them therefore socks (stockings, boots) have to hang on a fireplace.

New Year's socks

Let's begin. On the right side of a leaf draw white fur part of a sock, then draw diagonal parallel straight lines.

We learn to draw New Year's socks

Further we draw a nose of a sock and patterns on it, snowflakes.

How to draw a New Year's sock

From above by means of a ruler draw two straight lines, it will be a crossbeam.

How to draw a Christmas sock

And at the left still draw two.

How to draw socks

We draw eyelets and it is simple, for laughter, it is possible still an unclear animal and a caramel stick.

How to draw Christmas New Year's socks

Are ready.

How to draw socks New Year's, Christmas

Look still the Snow Maiden, a snowman, sledge of Father Frost, the New Year tree, an angel.