How to draw a German shepherd

How to draw a German shepherd

1. Sheet of dense A4 paper.
2. Simple pencils (see a photo), in boxes cores for mechanical pencils 0.5.
3. Klyachka and an eraser (at me on the battery).
4. A silicone brush No. 0 for shading.

Tools for drawing
I was fond of work and the beginning did not photograph. I do the sketch in any convenient way, but it is desirable as it is possible in more detail. Can look at a lesson of creation of the head of a German shepherd. Then will easier draw.
I begin with an eye (left) and from it I move ahead to an ear. I try to work from top to down and at the left for the right not to smear the already made.
I begin with the most dark (more correctly, of course, from light to dark, but so it is not convenient to me) I Plan the most dark places of an eye, eyelids and a pupil.

How to draw an eye of a dog

If search on tone, I vysvetlivat an eraser or a klyachka. I look on a situation. Absolutely to clean a pencil — an eraser, to lighten a little — a klyachka.

Too most I do with wool in an ear and about it. I plan dark wool, and from it I look where is lighter.

How to draw a nmetsky sheep-dog with a pencil step by stepI shade a contour of ears on edge a silicone brush.
I pass to the second eye and an ear, wanted to begin a nose, then remembered that I will vozyukat on it a hand.
I draw strands of wood a mechanical 0,5 pencil, without protsarapyvaniye, simply I sit them and I lisp on one if shadows are necessary, half tone, I take usual simple pencils.
Half tone-simple pencil, strands of wood - mechanical.

How to draw a German shepherd with a pencil step by step

I continue to work - the second ear, I shade a contour.

How to draw a German shepherd with a pencil

The lightest places, especially patches of light in the eyes, I try not to touch a pencil, such pure white color as it is necessary for patches of light, already then any eraser you will not make.
Therefore it is better to decide at once on patches of light and light places and to leave them alone.

I continue, I do long strands of wood sideways and I pass on short (muzzle).

How to draw a German shepherd step by step

I begin a nose and a mouth, the nose shines, strongly leather texture it is not visible. It looks the smooth. Therefore when drawing the snout of this dog I use
silicone brush, i.e. shading.

How to draw a German shepherd

For language and lips, too I apply a brush.

How to draw a nose and language of a dog

As very elegant and she has this dog well noticeable mask, and strands of wood do not want to be blackened in this work, on a breast I do absolutely light, for contrast with a muzzle.
I plan a collar, I dorisovyvat a sherstka on a breast and I please owners of a dog.

How to draw a German shepherd

Addition as I use a silicone brush. I draw a soft pencil of a strand of wood and in the right places, I extend them a brush, i.e. I continue a strand of wood by a brush.
Very probably on effect of a photoshop: finger.

How to draw strands of woodAuthor: centari Source:

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