How to draw a muzzle of a tiger with a pencil step by step

How to draw a muzzle of a tiger with a pencil step by step

The tigerish fur is not so simple in drawing as can seem at first sight. Main difficulties:
- the characteristic arrangement of strips, it individually for each animal, but also submits to certain laws without which observance the tiger will be not a tiger;
- the image of strips, strips strips but if their borders with white and orange fur are accurate, it will be not fur, and plastic;
- and the main complexity – the patience, will be possible to seem to you hundred times that drawing is spoiled or complete, but it will be necessary to have courage to finish business. Earlier I did not understand it and tore drawings at the initial stages. Now bitterly I am sorry about it …

Having made a sketch, we start pressing through long and tiresomely strands of wood on all drawing not writing handle. It is necessary in order that strands of wood did not merge together, then it will be possible not to sharpen a pencil very often. All pictures increase, examine drawings close up.

Technology of drawing of wool pencil

I always began with eyes. It is more convenient to me to see how the animal comes to life. And then it appeared that I did not invent the bicycle that many so do.

We draw

It is already possible to start strips. In principle, it is impossible to forget about them throughout all work. But now we only just will plan them. And I plan them a graphite crumb and rubber brushes, it allows to shade at once edges of strips and to create effect of fur. All movements by a brush strictly on wool growth.

We draw a muzzle of a tiger

We draw a muzzle of a tigerWe draw a muzzle of a tigerWe draw a muzzle of a tigerHow to draw a muzzle of a tiger

On dark points but a chin we put rubber a brush, with a graphite crumb:

We drawWe draw

We remove the superfluous the pointed klyachka.

We drawHere what muzzle of a tiger turned out.

How to draw a tiger

As a referens for the following tiger, I took this photo of their calendar:


Black strips need to be done by very soft pencil — 6B or 9B. Firmer pencils will give gray effect.

We draw a tiger

Avoid white gleams in the center of strips. They need to be painted over at once a pencil, or to shade a rubber brush.

We draw a tiger

The most tiresome – to shade tigerish fur. Here it is possible to think up some cunnings:

1. Those places which dark color, after shading, we smooth a flat rubber brush on growth of fur, then from above again we shade.

We draw a tigerWe draw a tiger

2. If were mistaken, and too strongly darkened any site – anything terrible, we take sharply rumpled klyachka and we wipe the superfluous.

We draw

3. For strands of wood it is possible to use a thin mechanical pencil. The main thing — patience. Long it is also tiresomely shaded on one strand of wood.

We draw

4. For edges of strips it is possible to take a sharp rubber brush – to shade it a graphite crumb, then to wipe superfluous a sharp klyachka, then again to walk a rubber brush, and so until there is an acceptable result.

We drawWe drawWe draw

5. The fur should not be "too brushed", enter a small disorder into strands of wood. But in too time, there should not be a strong negligence. In total moderately.

We draw fur

Final work of a tiger.

How to draw a tiger

Author: Caracal