How to draw the baby on hands at the woman

How to draw the baby on hands at the woman

The woman with the baby

1. Let's begin drawing with the head of the woman which holds the child on hands. For this purpose it is necessary to define a head tilt angle therefore as an auxiliary element we draw a circle and directing, then we draw a shape of a face at the woman.

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2. We detail a face. We draw eyelashes, wrinkles about eyes, a nose, teeth and other lines of the person. I changed a nose a little, erased the line under it and drew others.

How to draw the smiling woman

3. We detail an ear, we give to hair the direction.

How to draw the woman with the child

4. Now we should construct the woman's skeleton. The child to turn in fabric (him swaddled) therefore his body will be in the form of a rectangle, we will designate the head around. Mother holds it in hand. Be convinced that correctly drew proportions.

Schematic drawing according to pictures a pencil

5. Let's begin a prorisovyvaniye with the newborn's head. Let's draw a shape of the head, an ear, then part of a hand and a cam.

How to draw the baby with a pencil step by step

6. Now we will schematically draw a shirt on a body at the woman, a trajectory of hands at it. Then we erase all auxiliary curves.

How to draw the woman with the baby on hands a pencil step by step

7. Let's more correctly draw a shirt, it is a little folds, we will trace hands at mother and a foot at the child.

How to draw mother with the baby a pencil step by step

8. Approximately so has to be to look your drawing of the woman with the child. I still here finished the falling-down hair on the right. Can add still folds on a blouse and lines on a body, being guided by an original photo. In a neck I drew nothing because what lines I would not draw, some horror turned out. Stopped on such option.

How to draw the baby on hands at the woman

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