How to draw a butterfly for children

How to draw a butterfly for children

At first we draw a body which consists of two parts, will be the head less, more lower — a body, then draw two short moustaches, on the end they twist.

we draw a butterfly

Somewhere from the middle to the first half and the soulmate carry out curves in different directions, then add the lower lines with others which form wings of a butterfly from below.

we draw a butterfly

Now the wavy line connect the top line with lower a wing of a butterfly, also make and on the other hand.

How to draw a butterfly step by step

We have a basis of a butterfly, will decorate it now. On big wings from the middle draw on three straight lines, on small — one.

How to draw a butterfly to the child

Draw circles on wings.

How to draw a butterfly for children

Now in each circle draw one more circle, between the main circles — something similar to droplets, on big wings where we drew three straight lines, you have to add each of them that very long drop turned out. On the lower wings of a butterfly make jewelry in the form of frills, draw primitively blinked eyes and a mouth, and also lines on a body. It is also possible to think up the pattern.

How to draw a butterfly with a pencil

Now it is possible it and to paint, colors can select any, I made here such.

How to draw a butterfly for children

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