How to draw mf the Dinosaur

How to draw mf the Dinosaur

Aladar and Plio

Let's begin with a lemur. Draw a circle and directing, then eyes, a nose and a muzzle.

We draw a lemur

Further eyes, wool on the head, an ear.

How to draw Plio from mf the Dinosaur

Still draw eyelashes, cheeks, make a little pukhnaty the head.

How to draw a lemur

Then schematically we draw Plio's hands and Aladar's location.

How to draw mother with the child

We start studying a small dinozavrik.

How to draw a newborn dinosaur

We draw his paws, a tail, Plio has fingers and hands.

How to draw the Dinosaur mf 2000 Disney

It is possible to put a few strands of wood on a breast, brushes, to finish feet and a tail that more or less tolerably looked.

How to draw mf the Dinosaur