How to draw Mercedes with a pencil step by step

How to draw Mercedes with a pencil step by step

How to draw Mercedes with a pencil step by step

So we will begin.
Classically we will begin with the sketch. We do very roughly (reasonably). To start licking already here drawing is not necessary since on the rough vague sketch there is a chance if that to correct drawing or distortion, or slightly prospect changing. Here at me rather crooked it turned out. But on the first time will go.

How to learn to draw the car

Before we paint over somewhere, an eraser we erase the sketch so that he was hardly visible (and it is better if keep this small fragment in memory).
Simply we shade areas with small contrast. At first the lightest layer (both under dark and under light sites). Then the following layer, more dark, etc. I.e. such layers we create gradients with small contrast.
There where big contrast (black-white, patches of light or reflected lights for example), predstavyaly that is not present a patch of light and we shade with a gradient. Anything even if it is very black color (wheel rubber for example). And now an eraser, the soft party we wipe a site where there will be a patch of light.
The eraser has to be ground (3-5 minutes to rub about paper that one that other party before receiving a smooth form and as a result at you the sharp edge of a latik of long 1-1,5 cm has to turn out and if to watch sideways that a triangle corner about 60 degrees, generally not super it is thin but also it is not rough). WHY it is so important with latiky to be fooled? yes because it further half-drawing it will be made.
By eraser it is done 1-3 strokes (than the pencil, those less strokes is more dense). And (here to us ponadoblisya a sheet of paper) at once we wipe an eraser sides (that it samozatachivatsya and cleaned). Ugolakami risukm points, and long edge long thin lines. If the line very long, on the way has to wipe an eraser too.
Anything terrible is not present in wiping. It is without serious consequences possible to erase the fattest shading completely 2-3 times. But it is better such not to do.
If it turned out too fatly in drawing, it is possible to blot with an eraser drawing (and to wipe, not to forget to choose).
Rather roughly, here an example (excessively you should not try at this stage since all sites the riunka will be governed and appear later still more than once).

How to draw a car wheel

We shade glass.

We draw a car step by step

Let's wipe slightly an elastic band reflection on glass.

We draw a car

Let's draw a rear-view mirror.

We draw the car step by step a pencil

It is unforgettable that we draw only shadows what we see. No contours in drawing should be. Here, on the door handle of sharp contrasts was not and I drew it without eraser. I.e. equipment "pencil" or "карандаш+ластик" — on a situation.

How to draw the handle at the car


How to draw the car with a pencil

Still disks, also it turned out here so.

We draw the car

Here on it 8 business hours left. Of course the professional will draw quicker, but … at me so much time left.

The working day begins with that the cat (Syomuald IV, in the people simply of Syomk) takes a place on the computer.

Cat on a computer

We start drawing. We draw a lattice. Karandash+lastik (here the thin edge of an eraser very much was useful).

How to draw the car

Headlights. Almost all a pencil since there is no sharp contrast.

How to draw headlights by car


Stage-by-stage drawing of the car pencil

Sometimes it is necessary to reach elements of a risnuk that cht to correct or start drawing new elements, but a hand it is possible to smear drawing perfectly. That it was not we take the laid-up leaf, the left hand slightly we press, and we draw fearlessly any part of picture, without worrying that we will smear something.

We learn to draw a car

And now once again I will demonstrate "карандаш+ластик" more.
We shade all area in some layers.

car drawing lessons

Even more densely.

We draw glass at a car

And now the eraser to hands is also sent to clean the right places. To wipe an eraser to have very often. Generally, now only an eraser also we draw.

How to draw the car step by step

What at us it turns out?

How to draw the car

We shade a roof. It is unforgettable about Blur cotton wool. By the way, forgot to tell. Finished more or less a fate demanding a smooth shade we wash away cotton wool or a spichka+vata. Will be, perhaps, still more than once to be ruled, but already now it is worth washing away in drawing.

How to draw Mercedes

Let's add on a roof couple of details and an eraser we will wipe patches of light.

How to draw the car with a pencil

We do a cowl in the same style.

How to draw the car Mercedes with a pencil

Also we complete a cowl.

How to draw the car a pencil step by step

8 more business hours.

The cat already took the place.
And a shadow under the car.

How to draw Mercedes step by step with a pencil

That's all. That as a result — at the beginning of a post.

TOTAL 20 business hours.
And still drawing same equipment.

Drawing pencil glass

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