How to draw Marylin Monro with a pencil step by step

How to draw Marylin Monro with a pencil step by step

1. Tools for drawing.

Paper. The author uses paper from Hyper Value, also paper of Bristol Board firm good, drawing on it occurs quicker. Paper has to be rather smooth.
Pencils. I It is very important to use qualitative pencils. Here brands which the author uses: Derwent and Staedler Mars Lumographs. They on the present black that undoubtedly is essential to a saturation of color, also for creation of effective and drama drawings. The author uses a pencil 4B of Derwent since very well transfers light and average shades and soft when shading, and 8B Mars to Lumograph which very well transfers dark and black shades, and it it is possible to be used over Derwent.
Tools for shading. The author uses applicators of eye shadow since at their application give smooth effect for this lesson, and at desire it is possible to make more rough shading. Some people use cotton wool or fabric.

Rubber. The author says that the usual eraser is useless, his favourite — elastic bands of WH Smith's firm. He still made an addition that this firm it is more than nothing to a kopupayta, especially pencils since they are awful.

2. Important.

1. Before drawing a hand have to be pure and dry. You can enclose fabric or paper under a hand during drawing that there were no fatty spots, but it not conveniently and breaks proportions. It is better to change a drawing corner in situation convenient to you.

2. Not to notice time, the author we recommend to watch TV and if draw a celebrity portrait, programs with them during drawing to understand their features.

3. Choosing the picture, do it carefully. Think of what you want to reach in your work. If you draw the image of a celebrity, choose that it was unusual or traditional. For example, all saw this picture of Marylin Monro, and often used for drawing therefore if you find less popular image, your drawing will give you new skills and a new level of quality. Glossy magazines — a good source. The general magazines and photos are also useful. It is better not to use newspaper photos.

How to draw Marilyn Monroe

3. Drawing of the sketch of Marylin Monro.

It is important to draw the image in general before tracing fine details. Cinematographer of Jack Cardiff:" The third-rate artist will draw someone's person with eyes of one size and in the correct situation. But actually, on a human face there are no two identical eyes — one will always be less than another, or they will have various form. The true artist will see it for real display of features of the person".

how to draw Marylin Monroe step by step

The author drew Marylin Monro's sketch by hand, but he says that it is possible to use a grid, construction on squares, its use is difficult, but it works wonders. The author uses circles and ellipses on the basis of which constructed the correct forms of the main features.

Creation of the person in a portrait

Whether look at everything precisely. At this stage all lines have to be put with light lines, and also make shading light tone that your drawing looked more realistic.

Arrangement of priorities

4. Drawing of a background.

Shading and adding details it is important to follow these directions:

The direction of a stroke when drawing

The direction depends on what hand draw. It is used not to soil that you already drew. Therefore usually start drawing at first a background, is more rare – hair. If you enclose fabric or paper under a hand, can not follow this order.
Who draws the right hand starts drawing on the left side of a leaf, who the lefthander — with right. It is the top left corner.

Shading of a background

Pencil 4B to make averages of tone of a background. We do shading. The author shades easy roundabouts which gradually move in the necessary direction. For fine details when shading roundabouts should not use.

Shading of a background

After that, you have to designate the most dark of tone. Press a pencil more strongly as they not really well mix up, and shade slightly when darken between averages and dark tones.

Shading of a background

Shading of a background

Make shading that transition between tones was imperceptible.

Shading of a background

Add still a dark shade if it is necessary.

Shading of a background

Use a soft elastic band (klyachka), tear off from it part and give it here such form:


Further allocate with the pointed part light parts at a background. Podotrite of a shading place if it is necessary.

How to draw Marilyn Monroe step by step

5. How to draw hair at Marilyn Monroe.

After a portrayal of a background there can be a dust from graphite on yet not painted over drawing sites, it needs to be erased before you start the following stage of drawing. The only way it is good to draw hair are their portrayal. Use a pencil 4B.

How to draw hair

Shade in the direction of hair.

How to draw hair

Add dark tone, tracing separate filaments where it is necessary.

How to draw a hair ringlet

Use an eraser (klyachka) to create patches of light on hair.

How to draw hair with a pencil

Now it is necessary to add more light and shade.

How to draw pencil hair step by step

Finish by the same principle still part of hair.

How to draw Marylin Monro

6. How to draw skin.

Use of applicators for shadows is necessary for shading of sites of skin, it allows to create the transparent, shining effect. We trace tone averages on a forehead.

How to draw a forehead

Shade the applicator roundabouts.

We learn to draw skin

If any sites turned out too dark, erase them.

How to draw skin with a pencil

Shade to level transitions.

How to draw skin of the person

Here Marylin Monro's portrait at this stage.

How to draw Marylin Monro with a pencil step by step

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