How to draw mother with a pencil step by step

How to draw mother with a pencil step by step

1 option. You visited this page since probably do not know how to draw a face of the person, in particular mother and the father. Studying of drawing of a portrait takes a lot of time of several years. But for a start, though to have some idea look at the following lessons:

1. Bases of drawing of the person.

2. Proportions of the head of the person (video).

3. Directly portrait lessons on actresses Audrey Hepbyorn and Marylin Monro.

After pass these lessons it is possible somehow to try to draw mother, but do not experience illusions that at you she perfectly will turn out.

2 option. If it is necessary to draw urgently, and you are not able at all. Many consider this way offensive but if it is urgently necessary, anything in it terrible is not present.

Take the photo of mother, find it is desirable more that it was possible to make out details and a thin sheet of paper, and simply bring to a window on light that forms were visible and a simple pencil lead round contours. If there is a tracing-paper, it is even possible not to put to a window, it is simple to lead round, and then to transfer to paper. Here example, for example, your mother Karina Kapoor (actress Indian), here her photo.

How to draw mother's portrait

After you led round, it has to turn out approximately following.

How to draw mother

Then add clearnesses to lines and to impose though some shadows, it is possible and without them.

How to draw mother with a pencil step by step

3 option. If two previous do not suit a way, it is necessary to use a grid (squares). Examples of lessons:

1. The girl in a dress in a turn floor.

2. The girl with a guitar.

3. Girl.

I.e. we need to take the initial photo, or on the computer, or having unpacked on a leaf to divide into identical squares, will pick up the size what for you is better. And being guided by them (on squares) to draw the person. This method is used by most of artists precisely to display the person. You will be able beautifully to draw the beautiful mother. Here example of division of the photo into squares.

as it is beautiful to draw beautiful mother

Choose one of the offered methods and start action. For me the most suitable — is the last option.