How to draw the kid

How to draw the kid

How to draw the kid

Draw a circle, we determine the middle of the head by the vertical line, horizontal we note an arrangement of eyes, a nose and mouth. We plan hyphens length of eyes and their stay, then we draw them. Draw a face form, a nose and a mouth further. I drew a mouth closed, it will be so easier for you. If at all it is difficult to draw the person, it is possible to simplify very strongly, as in a lesson the child in a New Year's suit where eyes are represented simply by an oval, a nose of a curve and companies too one curve.

How to draw the kid

We draw a hood on the head further, also finds where the middle and we draw a muzzle and a nose. A suit at us of a panda, did not forget?

How to draw the kid

Let's outline visible parts of a body of a hand, a suit bottom, a back and a foot.

How to draw the kid with a pencil step by step

Now we do a sketch already of clothes.

How to draw the child

We detail even more, sleeves at us black, we show borders and we do them in some places wavy because of folds, under a chin we draw a collar and a fastener, on a hood — eyes and ears.

How to draw the kid step by step

Draw fingers and we paint over black elements.How to draw the kid with a pencil

Very light tone we show shadows on a suit, on a carpet. That's all drawing of the kid is ready.

How to draw the kid

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