How to draw the boy with a pencil step by step

How to draw the boy with a pencil step by step

How to draw the boy

It is required: condition of quiet confidence, readiness for new creative achievements.
From materials: pencils, an eraser, the black handle, at desire — gouache, a brush.

1. We begin with that that we "plan" our little character on a sheet of paper. Let's designate its growth – about three heads, the average vertical line of a trunk and person, the line of eyes. Let's plan a cheek and a hairdress. The average line of a trunk is drawn sometimes as an axis in the center of a body, and sometimes as the stripe pasted to a back it can depend both on preferences of the author, and on a pose of the character, and/or its dynamism. (Note: and to it I nevertheless reduced then the head) a little.

We draw

2. We dress the child). We remember that under clothes there is a body and that the clothes in itself also have defined weight. Therefore the jacket contour top (on an outstretched arm of the boy) will repeat approximately a hand contour. Whereas the lower part of a contour – unostentatiously sags). Still it is useful to remember that the clothes have thickness, and also are inclined slightly socks will change in process – knees, etc. can sag slightly. More dense fabrics usually form larger folds. The right trouser-leg around a knee sags less than left as fabric is below collected in more dense fold which partially holds on itself trouser-leg weight. The left trouser-leg sags more, the line of a trouser-leg more direct. This difference less them is not too noticeable, but nevertheless lines are curved a little differently.

We draw the boy

3. We plan locks of a hairdress and features. Let's designate a shape of eyes, brows, a nose hyphen. We draw a mouth, in its corner I usually put a small tochechka, I draw a line of a bottom of a lower lip. We specify other lines (for example I reduced the head).

How to draw the boy step by step to the utmost

4. We erase excess lines that they did not disturb, we continue to specify a contour, we study folds. We add living creatures, for example a rabbit). Though actually it would be better to remember it earlier.

How to draw the boy with a pencil

5. We start painting drawing. A blue pencil slightly we paint over the shaded parts of the boy (except the person). We do it really slightly (on a photo toning is for descriptive reasons shown more contrastly than it was actually).

how to draw the boy with a pencil step by step

6. Besides slightly we start imposing color. At carrot at first we tint in the orange color the middle, then from the middle to edges – we tint the yellow. Dark brown we trace hair at the top and tips of hair. A stroke with strong pressure at the beginning, and almost without pressure at the end — on similarity of that as commas we put, only very absolutely slightly curved strokes. We press on a pencil at the top more, reducing pressure to a patch of light. By the same principle we tint tips of hair, reducing pressure to top.

how to draw the boy step by step with a pencil

7. Then we add on hair lighter brown color (it is possible that it was with slightly reddish shade). Then by the same principle we study hair a yellow pencil, reducing pressing to a patch of light.

How to draw hair

8. We continue to paint clothes, using different shades green, salad, blue, blue, yellow. For overalls the light-violet pencil (from shady side was also involved.)

the drawn little boy

9. We condense shading, except for more lit, acting areas (a shoulder, a stomach, footwear noses). We start tinting face skin a pencil of corporal color. Then over corporal slightly we add a flush a red pencil. Then again we tint the close – then red it will a little be shaded and will look more naturally.

How to draw the boy with a dog

how to draw a face of the boy

10. We start leading round a contour the black handle. It is desirable that it did not flow). Just in case hold row a paper leaf about which it is possible to wipe it. Too slightly work hair the handle, changing pressing also as changed pressing of a pencil earlier.

how to draw the boy of the picture

11. Again we study hair, leaving absolutely small not painted over site of a patch of light, and it is possible to use also an eraser as it is convenient to you). The handle we draw pupils, without forgetting about patches of light. On slippers patches of light at me for some reason went not to that party but since all the same at the final stage I will place patches of light gouache is is not of great importance.

how to draw the boy

12. We study overalls a blue pencil, shading it at the edges. It is possible to add still shadows on clothes, footwear and carrot by means of diagonal shading by a simple pencil (I use mechanical since to sharpen pencils eternally laziness). We paint and lead round a rabbit. We use a blue and light-violet pencil, well and idle time for the shaded sites, tips of ears and a tail and a portrayal of fingers on paws. Teeth can be allocated more, and I have that some rabbit sobakovidny)

to draw the boy

How to draw a dog

13. At the thirteenth stage the boy looks somehow strange, probably it superstitious). We add to carrot greens, with a light pink pencil it is slightly painted to the child a lower lip. We lead round the eye handle, it is not forgotten about a fold of an upper eyelid, tochechka it is possible to designate eyelashes. A simple pencil we cast a shadow in an ear. Red and simple — we paint a footwear sole. Salad – we paint a patch. We remember that the boy casts a shadow). As well as zhivotinka in principle.

how to draw step by step the boy

14. Sharply ground pencil we draw a raduzhka. The simple pencil drew a breast pocket, to them draw a stool, we add blue color at the left, we lead round furniture the handle.

how to draw the boy with a pencil

15. At desire we add white gouache to drawing, placing patches of light and reflexes.
Here such still additional photo — that it was visible better where I drew lines a brush with gouache.

how to draw the boy step by step with a pencil

How to draw the boy to the utmost

That's all). Pleasant, inspired to you creativity!
Here such "credits" with fragments are larger, perhaps to you will be useful.

how to draw a face of the boy

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P. S. I am not a pro, and I think (even I know rather) what here I describe not everything correctly and competently, simply I madly like to draw and want though a little this love to transfer to you. By means of a lesson) And let creativity always brings you happiness!)

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