How to draw a lion with a pencil step by step

How to draw a lion with a pencil step by step

Step 1. Draw a square and divide it across and verticals into three equal pieces that 9 small squares in a big square turned out. Then we draw a contour of eyes and a nose.

How to draw a muzzle of a lion

Step 2. Over eyes we draw folds from eyelids and an eyebrow, then dorisovyvay a nose and we draw a muzzle at a lion.

We learn to draw fashion of a lion

Step 3. We draw a head contour, we do approximate lines of wool, dorisovyvay small part of a body.

How to draw the head of a lion

Step 4. We sketch eyes, leaving small patches of light and we start drawing wool shades on a muzzle the curves which are close located among themselves. Let's mention border of transition of hair and the head, by drawing small hairs.

How to draw the head of a lion with a pencil step by step

Step 5. We continue to trace if it is possible so to speak, hair, we apply dark sites on a nose, a mouth. The chin can be traced simply, I made dark area and a rubber created wool on a chin at a lion, by movements as we draw strokes. We darken areas sideways of a muzzle, we draw points and moustaches.

How to draw a lion with a pencil

Step 6. We draw more strands of wood on the head of a lion, we create a dark mane under a neck, it has to look as monophonic tone and an eraser we create white sites of wool. Then we darken a muzzle from edges, area of edge of a contour of the head, on hair we apply weak shading, and in places on your discretion, we are taken place by a rubber for creation of effect of hair. We draw a silhouette of one ear in wool, the second because of it it is not visible, at the edges wool has a black shade. The scanner not important we give a shade, scanned once a lion there were no transitions of a shadow at all, the second time put a tick to restore the faded color, everything became dark, a photoshop changed brightness, but all the same not that. Here it is so possible quickly (relatively), without sitting for hours to draw a lion.
How to draw a lion with a pencil step by step
Now there will be two videos on realistic drawing, the first video very much even looks like my lion, well it is bad, we will consider that this addition to a lesson.

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