How to draw a face of a monkey with a pencil

How to draw a face of a monkey with a pencil


Tools for drawing

We do a sketch it is hardly visible. For this purpose we draw a circle and directing, we divide quarters into three equal parts and we draw eyes, a nose. All images increase.

Face of a chimpanzee drawing lesson

We clean auxiliary lines, we plan a shape of the head, muzzle.

Monkey drawing

Draw an ear, an arrangement of wrinkles and border of wool.

How to draw a monkey

We begin with eyes. For the most dark sites and a pupil use a pencil softness 8B. We leave a place for a patch of light. I paint over a cornea of an eye a pencil In, i.e. the firmest of all, gradually we add more dark sites, using a pencil 3v.kazhdy a layer evenly I shade a Q-tip. Stage-by-stage drawing of the right eye of a chimpanzee (i.e. which is located up to our left hand) is shown.

How to draw an eye of an animalHow to draw an eye of an animalHow to draw an eye of an animal

The same method drew the second eye, direct dark sites of wrinkles, we start drawing separate lines strands of wood.

We learn to draw a monkey

For "hairdress" I use a pencil 8B, trying to shade wool diversely, I leave patches of light not painted over. The pencil has to be always sharply ground, differently hairs will turn out unnaturally thick.

How to draw long hair of an animal

Pencil In I set the tone of skin on a muzzle, gradually I darken sites of wrinkles and a nose. I shade sticks that was evenly and smoothly. Where it turned out superfluous, I clean by means of a klyachka.

How to draw a monkey with a pencil step by stepWe draw a face of a chimpanzeeMonkey drawing pencilHow to draw a portrait

We draw an ear, we finish wool and the portrait is ready.

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