How to draw a girl's face

How to draw a girl's face

How to draw the girl

With what we begin, so it with drawing of a circle. Then we draw a line where there has to be a middle of the head, then two vertical straight lines, top — the line of eyebrows, the second — the line of eyes. We measure and put a hyphen where the nose comes to an end (becomes approximately or it is measured). Now 2 we measure distance and we lay same down and top (3 and 1 respectively).

Creation of a girl's face

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The line of eyes it is divided into 5 equal parts. At people the distance between eyes is equal to the eye, but there are of course exceptions, n6e without it. We divide distance from a nose to a chin into three equal parts. We do a face contour sketch. From the beginning of eyes down a dotted line we debug straight lines to a nose. When drawing wings of a nose should not oversteps these bounds.

Creation of the person

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Now we draw eyes, a nose, a mouth, eyebrows, we direct a face contour, we draw head top, hair, ears. It is not necessary to trace each eyelash, it is enough to draw the general form. Eyelashes go beyond the eye size, i.e. beyond our hyphens. When drawing lips, the first hyphen — is a bottom of an upper lip. On the site there are many lessons of drawing of eyes and a mouth, for example, of a lip — here and here, eyes — here and here.

How to draw a girl's face with a pencil step by step

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Erase all auxiliary elements, draw a neck and shoulders at the girl, hair. The principle on it it is possible and to finish, and it is possible to add a few shadows for realness.

How to draw a girl's face

It is final drawing of the girl.

How to draw a girl's face

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