How to draw the girl

How to draw the girl

How to draw the girl

It is useful to us: Quiet self-assured mood, attentiveness, pleasant mood); paper, a pencil (I prefer mechanical *), colored pencils: corporal shade, 2 yellow, blue, dark blue, violet, pink, light brown, red; black ball pen and eraser.

1. We begin with a sketch. The easy movements we will designate area of eyes, the little girl at us will be slightly turned to the left therefore one eye will be already, another is wider. Distance between eyes — about one and a half width of an eye. It is useful to designate the average line – in order that there did not leave in different directions parts of the face. { Actually in its drawing was not, but for this purpose that it was clear about what the speech – drew it in FSh. }
2. We draw eyelids and an iris of the eye, we will designate eyelashes. Raduzhka of the left eye will almost be half hidden. We separate the easy line an internal corner of an eye (At this moment of Neponyatnuyu visited a sclerosis which left it on the 5th step and she remembered about an internal corner of the left eye).
3-4. We draw pupils and patches of light. Do not dispose patches of light too close to an upper eyelid – under an upper eyelid at average lighting — a shadow. Eyebrows can actually be drawn and below than at me – then the look will be quieter. The distance to a nose hyphen – is a little less than height of an eye. Approximately same distance from a nose to a chin. The line of a mouth in the middle between a nose and a chin. That companies were not the boring line, in corners of a mouth we put tochechka. We draw slightly curved short line of a lower lip.
Let's designate a face form, convex and concave lines will alternate with each other. The "concave" bend going from a cheek to a chin very absolutely weak, almost a straight line.
5. We draw a hairdress. It is important to remember that hair have volume and therefore between a contour of a skull and a contour of a hairdress always there is a distance.

How to draw the girl with a pencil

6. We tint skin, painting over roundabouts a face, beginning from edge to the middle, gradually reducing intensity of color. We remember that intensity of color depends not only on pressing, but also on number of the lines drawn on one site of paper. And it is better to draw more lines than to press through paper. Especially it is impossible to press strongly on a pencil where we will lead round a contour the handle – we will tint such areas a bit later more intensively.
7. We paint over the middle and the party of a pupil, opposite to a patch of light, a dark blue pencil (the pencil, the better is more dark, blue color has to be swept only slightly up. To darken blue it is possible a simple soft pencil). We lead round the handle a contour of eyes. Pictures look more live when thickness of a contour changes. Thicker lines of the upper bound of an eye come to naught closer to internal corners. Also thickness of the line of a fold of an upper eyelid changes. The lower bound of an eye is a little bit thinner than the top. The contour of a raduzhka is a little thicker in those places where it is going to hide under a century and in the party, opposite to a patch of light.
When the handle dries up – it is possible to darken areas over eyes, near by, under a lower lip, near a contour of hair and the person. Even if you slightly will smear a pencil the handle – that it will easily be erased by an eraser. The upper eyelid remains to lighter than other skin between an eye and an eyebrow.
8. For the upper and lower lip the same pink pencil was used. On a lower lip when toning we leave the light not painted over patch of light. We designate an upper lip the thin pink line disappearing before mouth corners. That to darken it we use a simple pencil ** a little (the upper lip is more dark lower if light goes from above). Raduzhka is painted over violet, blue and blue by pencils. More dark areas — near a patch of light and under a century, lighter – regarding a raduzhka opposite to a patch of light.
Blue pencil slightly we tint protein under an upper eyelid and the trifle over the lower. It is simply a little also a simple pencil to walk.
9. Cheeks can add a little flush by means of a red pencil. If in your arrangement there are some yellow pencils, take more dark yellow and vertical lines we tint part of a hairdress.

How to draw the person with colored pencils

10. The same pencil we tint the top. A light brown pencil slightly we shade a tip of the lock falling on a face and hair on each side from the face. It is actually more correct to impose light tone on more dark therefore light brown, i.e. more dark, than yellow color, a pencil easily we paint over hair behind.
11. Lighter yellow pencil, not too pressing on it, we tint that part of a hairdress which was not painted over. Light brown we darken the top.
12. The eraser did semicircular (in a shape of the head) a patch of light on hair. More dark yellow pencil we paint over hair behind the girl's head (over light brown). For this purpose that hair were not one multi-colored weight, simple mechanical (it is possible sharply ground usual) by a pencil over more dark sites is carried out vertical parallel lines filaments.
13. Being active the same a light brown, yellow and simple pencil we draw a curl.

How to draw the girl step by step

14. A pencil of a corporal shade we tint a neck. If there is one more pencil of the same color but is more dark – they can trace shadows from hair and to darken a cheek and a neck. Also we shade a neck easy shading by a simple pencil.
Simple pencil it is possible to darken slightly edge of an upper eyelid near eyelashes.
We finish a hairdress, drawing the second curl.
It is possible to shade a background for the girl. I think, any color in harmony with color of eyes for this purpose will approach.
15. If there is a desire, it is possible to poorudovat gouache. By thin, rather dry brush with white gouache it is drawn thin lines on hair, we leave patches of light on a nose and a lower lip, very thin line near a face contour near the left eye.

How to draw the girl in animation style

* B this drawing a simple pencil is used only for a sketch and then here and there for a zateneniye. But if you want to draw the picture with a pencil contour – that better to use a usual pencil – to them more convenient to vary line thickness.

** For addition of blackout it is possible to use also colored gray pencil if it is in a set, and for addition of shadows — pencils blue, blue, violet, etc. Color shadows look more vividly, but in this lesson I decided to use a simple pencil for two reasons: first, he well lays down on a colored pencil, and secondly if colored pencils of low quality that they are not always well imposed at each other. Two colors can normally lay down still, and at addition of the third dirt turns out. Sometimes even two colors do not get on normally, if pencils of different producers / different quality. Therefore for bigger universality I used a simple pencil.

And there is some useful information:
Quality of pencils is defined by their structure. Slate pencils of colored pencils consist of pigments, to them add a kaolin – the white clay mixed with wax. In particular thanks to a kaolin, the slate pencil can be sharpened, colored pencils are less absorbed in a basis. Than it is more in a pencil of a pigment and than the pigment is better – especially high quality of a pencil.

I hope this lesson will help also you to fall in love with colored pencils

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