How to draw summer with a pencil step by step

How to draw summer with a pencil step by step

It will be small drawing, take dense a sheet of paper, the album leaf will also be suitable for drawing. You can that there were accurate edges to mark a pencil the drawing size, the author separated a paper adhesive tape. First of all draw the horizon — it is a horizontal straight line on the middle of a leaf, then we start drawing of the house.

Drawing house

Draw in the distance the mountain and on the right with rough and knotty curves a silhouette of a tree and greens. Near the house draw a country road, in the house of a window. Lines should not be fat — it is a sketch. To look at the increased image, click on the picture.

How to draw a landscape

At the left draw silhouettes of trees, a fence.

How to draw a landscape with a pencil

Execute shading of the sky and shade. In most above tone is more dark, the lower, the is lighter. Also dark tone shade the mountain. Press on images for its increase.

Drawing lesson pencil landscape

Take any sheet of paper and enclose exactly under the roof edge of the house, incline a pencil, as shown in the image and method of curls (the movements happens on a trajectory of an oval or a circle to different degree of amplitude. A lesson which tells about this method to be here, also by means of such method trees are drawn, can practise here).

How to draw foliage of a tree

Take a pencil as you usually hold and draw branches, they are more dark than foliage, then by the same method is drawn the second looking-out tree on the edge of a roof.

How to draw foliage of a tree

Arrange an auxiliary sheet of paper on an edge of the house and make shading light tone of part of the house to a silhouette of bushes at the left. Shade.

Shading of the house

By method of curls (method of ringlets) represent dense bushes at the left.

How to draw bushes with a pencil

Draw a grass near the house.

How to draw a grass

Paint over windows and doors of the rural house, make fat fence stakes, draw branches of a dry tree in the center of a picture (can make it live, draw foliage), then start drawing of foliage of trees on the right.

how to draw summer with a pencil step by step

At the left, where just drew foliage, draw tree branches between them. Draw a grass from edge of a country road on the right, and also it is a little grass on the right and shade. Set points on the road, showing its roughness.

how step by step to draw summer

Here ready drawing of summer.

how to draw summer with a pencil

Now the author tears off the attached tape and edges of a picture remain equal.

how to draw the nature in the summer

If you went beyond edge, you can take a ruler and put it to edge of drawing and walk a rubber. Then edges of drawing will be too equal.

How to draw summer