How to draw summer with gouache

How to draw summer with gouache

How to draw summer with gouache

Not enough time was spent for this sketch. Worked at the A4 format, that is, a simple album leaf. Divided space of a leaf approximately into three parts. Two top there will be a sky, and on lower will draw the earth.

For the sky used white and yellow paint, accurately mixing and creating white and yellowish areas.

How to draw gouache

Approximately on the middle of horizontally located leaf we will start drawing trunks of trees. If in your set there is no brown paint, it can be received easily, having mixed red and green paint. Adding more than this or that color, it is possible to achieve different necessary shades. It is possible to add not enough blue to receive more dark, almost black, color.

How to draw bright day paints

We will not trace bark of a tree it is realistic, it is enough to divide a tree into separate branches generally. To brown it is possible to add yellow and green color. without waiting until gouache dries.

How to draw a sunny day gouache

Let's draw branches and white patches of light on a trunk.

How to draw a tree gouache

In the same way we will draw the second tree.

How to draw a tree with gouache

We will draw foliage at first with lump, we will allocate then details. For it I used green, yellow, a little blue for more realistic color. Drew a big brush. In some places applied gouache almost with a dry-brush.

How to draw a tree in the summer

Determined by a thin brush of the location of trees of the second plan. Did foliage by a brush and method of splashing. I splashed a rigid brush, but it is possible to use for this purpose and an old toothbrush. It depends on convenience of use. Splashed on forefront trees at first dark green gouache, a little yellow and white.

We draw a sunny day

In necessary places corrected krone of trees a thin brush, having mixed green gouache with white and yellow.

We draw a tree beautifully paints

On the right side drew the distant wood, mixing blue, white and yellow paint. Pay attention that the edge of foliage of a near tree has to be light yellow. It will create effect of counteropenwork lighting.How to draw beautiful drawing


That light patches of light in gleams of foliage were bright, we will put at first in the right places yellow spots, and then we will put in the middle white gouache the small end.

How to draw a tree

Let's carry out gouache a yellow strip where the grass in the foreground begins.

We draw summer a lesson

But before drawing the earth, we will draw the distant wood with another, right, the parties. Let's mix also white, blue, yellow gouache. We will draw with more dark paint hardly distinguishable trunks of trees and we will sprinkle a little a little white gouache.

How to draw summer with paints step by step

We will draw with wide dabs the earth in the foreground.

How to draw summer

Let's draw a shadow under a tree and yellow spots of light.

How to draw summer with gouache

Let's put in the middle of spots white dabs and we will sprinkle a little white paint from a rigid brush or a toothbrush.

How to draw summer
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