How to draw a summer landscape with a pencil step by step

How to draw a summer landscape with a pencil step by step

We do a sketch. Press on the image to increase. Draw the line of the horizon, then two country roads, silhouettes of trees and a forest thicket, the house. Do all lines easy, not fat (in this option it is made for descriptive reasons).

Sketch summer landscapeSketch summer landscape

When drawing lines keep a pencil in situation A, at a task of tone, shading — in situation B.

Pencil arrangement when shading

To be necessary for us the soft pencil, make shading of a background and shade. In the top of a picture the sky is more dark, closer to the horizon to become light.

as it is beautiful to draw summer

We begin with method of curls (ringlets) to draw foliage on trees on the left side of a picture. We keep a pencil in situation B and the movements on an oval, a circle we create imitation of foliage. The tree bottom is done by the same method more darkly, we direct trunks of trees softer pencil, everything will approach after 6B if at you press one that on it more feasibly. Draw shadows from trees on the road and a grass. If the technology of drawing is not clear to you and you for the first time decided to draw a landscape a pencil, watch video or a lesson of it — how to draw summer, and also other lessons on shadings in the usual way and curls, and then after development of these the technician, start this lesson.

as it is possible to draw summer

Draw with the same way bushes and trees round the house and in the distance, shade the house, the roof remains light. Do not forget to click on the image to consider details.

what to draw on a subject summer

Draw a grass in the middle of a picture with separate curves. At the grass basis where the road we give depth to color, doing by more dark sites. Also, where tree trunk, grass more dark. We start drawing a crown by method of curls, thus doing sites on it lighter and more dark for realness giving, also round it branches are visible. Make a shadow from a grass and from a tree on the road.

how to draw the wood in the summerhow to draw summer with a pencil

We represent relief of roads small pebbles. We draw a grass in the foreground.

how to draw a summer landscape step by step

We continue, we start drawing a tree on the right.

how to draw a summer landscape with a pencil step by step

Dorisovyvayem a tree, in the foreground we represent some flowers, thus to be necessary for us the rubber (eraser) to distinguish them from a grass, also these flowers are located further. Round them make a little more dark tone. Your drawing of a summer landscape is ready.

how to draw a summer landscape