How to draw the wood with a pencil step by step

How to draw the wood with a pencil step by step

In this lesson we will concentrate on:

1. To texture which is created by various tools and methods of a zateneniye, the trees showing details of a surface and vegetation on the earth.
2. Geometrical prospect, i.e. the trees are closer, the they it is more, the farther, the it is less. Also during removal of trees from the foreground deep into the woods of the basis of trees settle down above the previous.
3. Atmospheric (or air) prospect which is transferred by the image of influence of components of the atmosphere, for example, tiny particles of dust, pollen or drops of moisture. Trees in the foreground more detailed, with brighter patches of light and dark shadows, than the trees located further from the viewer. Distant trees lighter, less contrast and less detailed because of existence of bigger quantity of components atmospheres between them and the viewer.

 Pencils (best of all if you have all pencils from 6H to 8B), a vinyl eraser and a klyachka, strongly textured paper for a water color were used 2H, HB, 2B, 4B and 6B (cold pressing, with a density of 90 lb).

Planning of composition.
On the picture depth of the wood is created by 14 trees. In the wood all these trees are approximately identical, however by rules of prospect they in drawing will have various thickness. Compare two following illustrations to receive a better understanding about process of creation of this drawing. To help to define, what trees are closer to you, on each of them number is put down, it will help you not to get confused.

The tree No. 1, the most distant tree 14 is most closer located to us. It is possible to notice that the tree is closer, the more darkly it is drawn, than farther to become lighter.

We learn to draw the wood

Trees which are closer to us, their patches of light will be more detailed – is brighter, and shadows — are more dark.
The light source to be on the right behind. At the left trunks of each tree are darkened slightly more darkly, than in other areas since light falls behind on the right, the most dark sites will be on the opposite side, i.e. in front at the left.


 How to draw the wood with a pencil step by step

Arrangement of trees in the wood in drawing.
Before starting a zateneniye, you have to will draw contours of all 14 trees, also do not forget to have the basis of each tree a little above with increase of serial number of trees. Besides, trees have to become gradually less while their serial number increases.

1. Thin lines plan area for drawing approximately with the same proportions, as at me.
My drawing – 4 by 6,5 inches in size (about 10 by 16,5 cm). Other options can be 6 by 9,75 inches (about 15 by 25 cm) or 8 by 13 inches (about 20 by 33 cm).
2. Draw contours of three trees, which most close to us.
Tree No. 1, the largest tree, it is a focal point of this drawing. Notice, its place is located to the right of the center of your area for drawing. Its basis is located below all, is close to bottom edge of drawing.
Sketch of a tree 2, the second-large tree, will shift closer to the left edge of drawing, and its size is less, than at the first tree. Its basis is located a little above, than at a tree 1.
The tree 3, from trees — third largest, is on the right side of drawing. Its basis is a little higher, than at a tree 2.

How to draw trees

3. We draw trees at numbers 4, 5 and 6. Trees which are located in the foreground, sometimes coincide with trees behind them, providing effect that one tree is located before another. Pay attention as the tree 4 is perceived located before a tree 6. Besides, trees become that less, than farther they from you. To the contrary, than closer they to you, especially big they look.
Tree 4 not such big as 1, 2 or 3, also its basis is located in drawing above.
The sketch of the 5th tree is located slightly more to the left the 3rd.
The tree 6 is a little for the 4th (it is closed by its trunk) so you need to draw only its right side and the basis.

How to draw a tree trunk

4. Draw trees 7, 8 and 9. The tree 7 is located slightly more to the left the 1st. The tree 8 is located to the left of a tree 7 (and between them there is a space). The basis of a tree 9 is located above, than the basis of the 8th tree, and the sketch of its trunk is shown by one vertical line to create illusion that the tree is located behind a tree 7.

How to draw trees in the wood

5. Draw trees with 10 on 14. Do not forget that each subsequent tree is drawn slightly above previous and to become smaller, than previous. Now compare your drawing to my drawing and make any changes which you want. Check an arrangement of the bases of all fourteen trees, since a tree No. 1 (the biggest tree) and it is consecutive according to all numbers to a tree No. 14 (the smallest tree). Be convinced that each basis is drawn slightly above, than previous.

We learn to draw the wood

Creation of various textures.
This section of a lesson is devoted to creation of various textures.
"Cloves" of strongly textured water color paper (means features of a surface of this paper) can help with creation of texture of trees and foliage. When you shade, hold your pencil sideways and use gentle roundabouts.

Do not press too strongly a pencil! The magnificent texture of this paper can be easily smoothed, i.e. is destroyed by this pressure, and on a smooth surface you do not receive the necessary imitation for example of tree bark any more).
Do not forget to leave sites of white paper between trees and on lit sides trees.

How to hold a pencil when drawingTree trunk drawing lesson

The scale of gradation of shades of shadows depending on softness of a pencil is given below. well if you have all set, this table will help you to choose a proper correlation of a shadow. Also in this lesson shading is used by curls, a lesson of it watch here (the further from each other rounds and a pencil firmer, the is lighter the site turns out, than more dense and a pencil soft - that you receive more dark area). Pay attention to the wide range of the ratios of light and shade used for transfer of texture of vegetation on the earth.

Drawing lessons pencil

Addition of textures and depth of the wood.

Here we will create three-dimensional space of the wood by means of a zateneniye.
6. Shade areas behind smaller trees, creating smooth transition from white from above to more dark in a downward direction, to the basis.
7. Add shadows on trees 11, 12, 13 and 14.

We draw the wood a pencil

8. Add shadows on trees 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Watch three subsequent drawings. Do not forget that each tree — at the left is more dark and the serial number of a tree is lower, the more darkly it is necessary to do shadows.
9. Texture of vegetation on the earth which located far is drawn with the help a combination of usual shading and shading by curls. Also add a few dark shadows on the bases of trees.

How to draw the wood step by stepHow to draw the wood a pencil

We learn to draw the wood

10. Darken all trees, except the first, thus use pencils which suit you more and add, being verified with the original:
- it is more than textured zateneniye on the basis of trees which will look in this place as vegetation;
- increase contrast on trunks of trees;
- draw some small branches (growing down) in the top part of some trees on near and far plans of a picture.

How to draw the woodHow to draw the wood

How to draw a tree trunk

11. Shade the biggest tree No. 1.
12. Using the softest pencil add shadows on shady side of a tree.
13. Add more contrast and a zateneniye by means of texturing that plants in the foreground looked better.

 The wood how to draw with a pencilHow to draw the wood with a pencil step by stepHow to draw the wood

14. Compare your drawing to mine, change that consider it necessary. Put the signature and go embrace a tree!

How to draw the wood with a pencil step by step

Author: Brenda Hoddinott