How to draw the snow king

How to draw the snow king

We draw two eyes far apart, under each eye a wrinkle, and from above an eyebrow eye. Then a long nose and a zigzag we separate the person from moustaches.

We draw the ice king

We draw a crown on the head of the snow king and companies. That it did not move down, can draw a mouth without interruption, and directly through a nose, and then to erase lines which appeared in a nose.

We draw the ice king

Now we draw teeth on two with top and from below from each party and a long beard.

How to draw the ice king

Then draw hands and the king's body, is more exact his top clothes.

How to draw the snow king from time of adventures with a pencil step by step

We draw fingers, at it their three, as well as at other character of the cartoon serial "Time of Adventures", on the head — stones.

How to draw the snow king

That's all, now can paint it with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

How to draw the snow king

Still characters from this animated film:

1. The princess Bubl Gum sitting and to the utmost.

2. Jake dancing and to the utmost with an elephant.

3. Finn.

4. Marselin.

5. Pupyrka.