How to draw a water-lily and a lotus with a pencil step by step

How to draw a water-lily and a lotus with a pencil step by step

On the first photo the water-lily (a white water-lily in the people call a water lily) — this water plant is presented and to belong with family kuvshinkovy, leaves at it heart-shaped and oval (round), they float on water, the flower too as if floats.

How to draw a water-lily

The following three photos — it is a lotus, it to belong to family lotosovy, their leaves and flowers are lifted over water, and to be in a core of a flower a peculiar box. It is the real lotus.

How to draw a lotus


There is still a name a blue lotus, or the Water-lily blue, but it to belong to family the kuvshinkovy.

 blue lotus

The lotus is a sacred plant in the east (Egypt, China, India, etc. the countries). For everything the yogovsky pose — a lotus pose is known. In Hinduism many deities are represented sitting on a lotus flower, in particular the goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of happiness, wealth and beauty). In the Buddhism the lotus — is a purity symbol since he was born in a muddy bog and remained is pure, as well as Buddha, been born in this world. The strongest mantra of the East "MANYA'S OHM to PADMA KHOUM", says that all treasures are in a lotus (literally).

At a lotus the self-clearing properties of leaves, at hit of water, a droplet roll down and take with themselves parts of dust, thus clearing a leaf.

So, at first we will draw here such flower of a lotus.

How to draw a lotus

We draw a petal which will be in the center, further on each side symmetric petals.

We draw

Then sideways still and further watch petals on drawings.

How to draw a water lily

how step by step to draw a water-lilyhow to draw a water-lily with a pencilhow to draw a lotus with a pencil step by step

Now, that the lotus (if you wish a water-lily pass this point) turned out, we will draw from below three chashelistik and a small stalk since it grows over water.

how to draw a lotus step by step

To draw a water-lily, it is necessary to add simply to our flower a leaf from below, that's all. And I emphasized with shine a magic power of this plant, it is not obligatory.

How to draw a water-lily

Watch still a white lily, a lilac, a carnation.