How to draw Kumi-Kumi step by step

How to draw Kumi-Kumi step by step

Here such it green color being.

How to draw Kumi-Kumi step by step

The shape of a body of Shumadang has a quadrangle form, now we will separate the middle the line and above all design we will draw two eyes.

How to draw Kumi-Kumi step by step with a pencil

Draw pupils and eyelashes, then a shape of a mouth which goes to all width of a body, then hands and feet. Feet very malepusenky.

How to draw Kumi-Kumi Shumadan

Now we detail a mouth, showing lips, from above three some pieces, there can be feathers (?), do not know, and on the right side behind a hand a small small suitcase.

How to draw Shumadang

We draw teeth and language in a mouth from the character from mf "Kumi-Kumi", strips on different parts of a body.

How to draw Kumi-Kumi

We erase unnecessary lines, we paint over an oral cavity, dorisovyvay falling down from language slyunyu, and over an upper lip patterns and circles, and on a stomach a big circle and too some small. That's all, we to draw Kumi-Kumi Shumadan.

How to draw Kumi-Kumi

Look from Kumi-Kumi:

1. Girl Yusi

2. Dzhuga