How to draw fortress with a pencil step by step

How to draw fortress with a pencil step by step

First of all it is necessary to choose a suitable picture under drawing. The prospect of towers and prospect of an inclination of the earth on which de Ávila wall is constructed is very well reflected in this photo.

de Ávila wallde Ávila wall

Step 1. We do the initial sketch by a pencil, studying all details as the handle does not allow to do correction at incorrect creation of the sketch. Try if it is possible, there are less than corrections that conducts to friability of paper, i.e. to erase less a rubber. It will be very noticeable if on this site to draw the handle since paper very well absorbs ink. For a picture it uses cardboard A4 paper. He loves pictures which are painted by the handle that sideways there was a free space therefore it receded from edge from each party across (sideways) of 6 inches (15,24sm), on a vertical (from above and from below) on 4 (10,16sm), and drew a rectangle.

We start drawing with lines of prospect. We do a sketch by a pencil In, do not press strongly paper, then these lines we will erase. At first we draw the earth, then we start drawing of towers, we draw towers schematically, rectangles. Then we begin it is necessary to detail thus to observe all proportions. Also we will draw border of shadows on towers, for this purpose that the handle it was easier to draw.

How to draw fortress with a pencil step by step

Step 2. Training. How to learn to draw the handle.

Before starting drawing the handle, it is necessary to train a wrist. All lines are drawn parallel, lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal. It is necessary to draw strokes the handle quickly, without hesitation and a brush (wrist), to move the whole hand or from an elbow it is not necessary, we draw only a hand. The example on the picture is lower. Be surely trained before work on a picture. Surely execute drawing from the second row the latest. Draw a curve with a pencil and start drawing vertical lines the handle. The author recommends to do surely these exercises to train a brush since drawing by the handle does not give the chance something to change unlike a pencil.

How to learn to draw the handle

Step 3. How to draw a wall with the handle. The principle and sequence same, as when drawing by a pencil. It is desirable to draw at the left on the right (if you the right-handed person, if the lefthander, on the right on left). Simply we start doing trace of lines without going into detail to create feeling of depth at the most distant towers.

How to draw the lock

Step 4. Then we continue by the same principle with columns, conforming to the basic rule that "than closer, in more detail", i.e. at distant towers we simply do sketches of shadows and the line for imitation of stones. But with approach of a detail have to be more accurate and traced.

How to draw the simple handle

Step 5. Important aspect. To shade a shadow which repeats a form of a tower with vertical and horizontal straight lines since inclined shading can make impression that the tower falls. Draw horizontal lines along a tower and very short vertical for imitation of stones.

How to learn to draw the handle

Step 6. We continue to draw the remained towers. The principle of drawing is identical, its difficulty consists in defining up and a bottom and to be careful not to go beyond a contour.

How to draw fortress

Step 7. How to draw the earth with the handle. As soon as stopped drawing a wall, we start drawing the foreground — a field with a heap of stones. Let's start drawing with imitation of a shadow from a grass always by horizontal small lines. The shadows imitating small hills and slopes will be created thus. You should not draw a lot of grass since it has to be at least. After that we start drawing stones on a forward background, we trace more since they are closer to us. Up stones at us it is lit, therefore it almost white. On stones the author uses strokes of the different directions to create feeling of roughness of a surface.

How to draw stones

Step 8. We continue to draw stones in the field. On small stones we do vertical strokes by the handle to create imitation of a grass, but not for drawing of straight lines between stones and a grass.

How to draw a fortress wall a landscape

Step 9. We continue to draw stones, on them you should not draw fine details since they are in the distance, and it is drawn more lines of a grass for imitation of shadows and small weeds. In the distance we draw horizontal straight lines at foundation of separate buildings to give them remoteness.

How to draw fortress with a pencil

Step 10. How to draw with the handle the sky. Simply we shade with horizontal lines the wrong form (pay attention that the drawn clouds do not coincide with the photo). We sign the work. Now very carefully we erase the lines drawn with a pencil not to damage the strokes put with the handle. Drawing by the handle not too difficult, it simply demands good initial planning, the good sketch a pencil and is a lot of patience. I hope that it was pleasant to you. It is the end result of drawing by the handle.

How to draw fortress with the handle or a pencil

Author: Luis Serrano, its site (source): www

The translation not literal since I translated through the translator, and then transformed to more readable look. If somebody has remarks and correction on the translation, leave in comments, I will correct a lesson.