How to draw a goat with a pencil step by step

How to draw a goat with a pencil step by step

How to draw a goat

Let's begin with simple contours. Draw a circle — head area, draw a line of the middle of the head and the line where eyes have to settle down. Then straight lines note the muzzle length of a goat.

We draw

Further we plan a shape of a body and foot. Originally draw angularly all lines, then we will round them at a portrayal. From the head there is a neck, at a small angle shovels, then the back leaves top, down there is a basin. At a goat a pot-belly, probably, gorged on herbs.

We draw

Now we draw the heads of a goat more in details. At first we draw a nose, then the head, eyes, a mouth.

How to draw a muzzle of a goat

Further we draw ears and a little very light curves we imitate the direction of wool. I a little incorrectly drew the left ear (which is closer to you), noticed only when started writing the text, look at the original and draw correctly.

How to draw the head of a goat

We draw a goat form, soften corners which we had, lines of a body of a goat smooth, except a hip and in points of transition to back part.

How to draw a goat step by step

Draw a small beard at a goat, a collar, two more feet and an udder. Completely we do not draw a foot since the goat costs in a grass. So we drew a fox who costs in snow.

How to draw a goat with a pencil step by step

Well and finishing touches, slightly we will show how wool separate small hyphens grows, we will draw a grass with florets and drawing of a goat is ready.

How to draw a goat with a pencil